Your Fall Fash Must-Have: Jessica Alba in The Skinny

30 Aug

A cotton tee and jeans combo may be a tried-and-tested wardrobe staple, but the question of how to keep the look fresh and stylish (as opposed to sloppy) remains. Jessica Alba shows us how it’s done to perfection – all you need are the right accessories (sunglasses, statement handbag, Doc Martens; The brown paper bag is optional) and a pair of jeans that fit just right. Jess’s pick? 7’s newest skinny fit, appropriately named The Skinny (in Worn Indigo, $149)—the slim shape is fitted from top through bottom and stops just below the ankle, so legs look long and lean. Voilà—here’s how to do fabulous street style with minimal effort.

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    […] on-trend but effortless—she pulls off the comfortable look without looking sloppy. She’s rocked our jeans to perfection before, so we weren’t surprised to see the starlet taking on the trouser trend and looking super […]

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