Katie Holmes Gives Us A Crush In “The Romantics” Opening This Week!

8 Sep

Admit it, you haven’t seen Katie Holmes shine, movie-wise, in quite a long time. So, color us pleased when we caught a preview of her new film, The Romantics, and…liked it. We read Galt Niederhoffer’s book last summer, (she also writes and directs the flick), and the adaption is pretty true to the written word. The plot centers around a raucous night at a Maine wedding, where seven best friends reunite to attend the wedding of two of their college clique members. Laura (Katie Holmes) is Lila’s (Anna Paquin) maid of honor, but the two have always been rivals when it comes to the groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel). Hookups, hijinks, and one major cat-fight make the movie watchable, but it’s not exactly fast-paced—cut as it is with tons of moody shoots of the seacoast, lengthy dialogues between Tom and Laura, and a bit too much Candace Bergen screen-time, who seems to be overacting. That said, Holmes brings an intensity to the role that makes us forget, for once, that she’s Mrs. Cruise, plus Malin Akerman is hilarious as a zany coke-head. Add one of the best movie soundtracks we’ve heard in years, and you’ve got a film that while not amazing, is definitely a whole lot better than Mad Money.

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