Blues Clues: In Honor Of Our 10th, Tell Us About Your Most Loved 7s

5 Oct

We know…we look way to good to already be pushing 10, but by golly…how the time does fly. We can remember way back when, when that first shipment of crisp denim darlings shipped into stores. And well, we know you probably have some juicy 7 memories of your own. In fact, in honor of our 10th birthday, we want you, our beloved fans, to tell us about your most treasured, most worn, most loved pair of 7 jeans ever. Just go to our Facebook page and post your own tale under our topic “What’s Your 7 Story?” You’ll have a chance to win a free pair of 7 jeans, and the top stories will be featured in an in-store display at five of our retail shops nationwide. They might not last forever, but thankfully, a personal homage to your fave jeans will!

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