Guyville: 3 Things He Can’t Live Without

13 Oct
Admit it gents: You’re still rocking that light-weight plaid shirt you bought back in May, and your shorts are still cluttering up your bureau. Well, it’s time to step up the cold-weather shopping and put that summer gear in storage. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up three items you can’t live without this fall and winter.

1. Dark Cords: We’re all about corduroy this season, and we think our Slimmy in Concrete is one of those pairs you could wear a couple times a week. They’re uber-durable, skinny without being too tight, and pretty timeless—plus that dark wash will hide any incidental stains, meaning laundry days can be few and far between.

2. The Every Occasion Blazer: This jacket will definitely take the top spot in your throw-on-over-everything section of the closet. Casual enough to layer on top of a hoodie, but elegant enough to make a quick switch to a cocktail date, versatile never looked so good.
3. The Tough Belt: When it comes to winter wear, don’t forget the small stuff. In this case, it’s time to swap the ribbon belts for something more substantive. This full grain leather belt with a tough, vintage looking brass buckle could have been raided from your grandfather’s closet…in a very good way.
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