4 Super-Soft Scarves To Wear All Winter

2 Nov
While Cali might be warm right now, the East Coast is having a sudden cold front. If you’re living on the left side, we know it’s almost time for all the trappings of winter (le sigh): Gloves, Hats, and our fave seasonal accessory, scarves. To help you prepare for more months of shivering, we’ve put together a little list of four of top scarves for gals and guys. Our choices are perfect for a day on-the-town, but we think they’ll still shine come evening. We know you want to wrap it up right—your neck that is.
Above, clockwise from top left:

Cashmere City Scarf: This number is made of 100% cashmere, for a look that’s definitely luxe, plus the light gray shade can go with just about everything.

Scarf In Black: Scoop it up if you’re the type of dude who doesn’t like a lot of fuss.We love that it’s super soft, and the frayed edges pack a subtle punch.
Scarf In Bordeaux: While not the warmest of our offerings, we’re into this baby for days that are nippy but not frigid. The black and red stripes are totally downtown preppy.
Rib Tube Scarf: Three words: Cozy, cozy, cozy! With lots of merino wool, this neck wrapper can be worn as long and loose during the day, or as a capelet for a little nighttime sophistication.
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