Happy Birthday To Us! Party Pix From Our 10th Anniversary Celebration With Vanity Fair

10 Nov
So maybe 10 isn’t 21, but we think it’s a pretty big milestone. To celebrate our diamond birthday, we did it up right 7 style, with a monster bash last night hosted byVanity Fair. The fete, held at an extravagant private home in Bevery Hills, featured the Seven Senses gallery—a massive, one-of-kind expression of 7 For All Mankind through an interactive, multi-media experience. Guest could literally go through a whole range of rad senses in different sections of the manse—sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, intuition and style—all based on the photography from our new brand new coffee table book of the same name (on sale in mid-November exclusively at our boutiques and e-commerce site). Fans like Amy Smart, Justin Long, and Nikki Reed definitely had a night to remember—we think they’ll never look (or touch, or smell…) at 7 the same way again!

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