You’re Never Fully Dressed…

13 May

Without a tan! Nothing says summer like backyard BBQ’s, days at the beach, and the healthy glow of bronzed skin. We all know the dangers of too much sun exposure, but self tanning can lead to unpleasant orange skin tones and unsightly streaks. That’s where the folks at Fake Bake come in. They’ve developed a multitude of self tanning products from natural ingredients that are guaranteed not to streak, give you orange skin, or stain your clothes. Here’s a couple of my personal favorite products from Fake Bake.

My first pick is the Flawless Self Tan with Mitt. It’s an instant self-tan liquid that comes with a professional mitt for easy application.  The non-sticky formula “shows-where-it-goes” so you’re sure not to miss a spot. The formula is also fast-drying so it doesn’t transfer onto any of your garments or upholstery.

Nothing is worse than losing a tan that you’ve worked so hard to get. So next we have the Gelee Daily Wash. This is a daily body wash that’s been specifically developed from all natural anti-oxidants and ingredients to maintain your tan.  You’ll stay a bronzed beach babe (or dude) all summer long.

Fake Bake products solve all your woes associated with self tanning. These are just two of many amazing products that Fake Bake has to offer. Click here to visit their website. And happy (fake) tanning!

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