Saturday Afternoon Delights

30 Jan

This Saturday was one of those rare, winter, NYC days where the weather is just warm enough not to have to pile on gloves, a scarf, a hat, long johns, and the heaviest down jacket you own to brave the whipping avenue winds.  At almost 50 degrees, the sun feels oh-so good pouring on your face and all a  girl can do is dream of the summertime (tan lines, how I miss thee)!  Well, this past Saturday, after a fab catch-up session with my bestie at Mojo, a well-deserved glazed croissant and a large skim latte, I decided it was time for a trip to MoMa to see one of my fave photographers.

Alex Prager is a self-taught photography GENUIS with such an unbelievable ability to produce incredible images.  Her work is vintage, retro, chic, and so L.A., which is where the blonde beauty hails from.  In November 2012, she shot for my personal favorite glossy, W Mag.  The only way to describe her photos is if Brad Goreski went back in time and styled an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Her use of color is absolutely out of this world.  I could honestly browse these images for hours, and by the way, I decided on Saturday that I am totally getting a print framed for my living room one day!  Here’s some of her best work, in my professional opinion…

Love to love!

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