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Meet Our New Style Muses…

28 Feb

Hey loves! I’ve got some super exciting news to share with all of you. I’ve enlisted two of my blogger BFFs to help me act as 7FAM ambassadors for the next month.  Aimee from Song of Style  and Andy from Style Scrapbook  are two of the most chic fashion bloggers in the scene right now, not to mention they’re both drop-dead gorg.

If you haven’t heard of these babes, I can only assume you’ve been living under a rock. But in the off chance, here’s a little info about your new style muses.  Aimee Song (pronounced Aw-meeh- so cool, right?) is a California-born beach beauty through and through.  More than once, I’ve found myself wanting to steal everything in her closet.  So obsessed with her shoe collection too, which is just BEYOND.  Aimee’s style is very laid back, but she always shows that she’s not afraid to wear major pops of color.

And, a whole continent away, but so near and dear to my heart, Andy Torres is a Mexican freelance stylist blogging from Amsterdam! She’s almost always photographed in her huge, trademark sunnies, like a total celeb. Andy’s style is clean, chic and structured.  She also has an amazing shoe collection. After all, she’s a European fashionista- what else would you expect?

Last week, these two released a sneak peek of Episode Two of James Franco’s Untitled Film, before it hit our YouTube channel.  This week, they’ll show us how they style our fresh new denim.  Rumor has it, there might even be an impromptu trivia giveaway for their fans on Twitter.   Be sure to check out their blogs and help our YouTube channel get to 1 million views!!  Episode 3 launches on Wednesday, so hop to it!



Skip the “Happ…

24 Feb

Skip the “Happy Hour” crowd and host a mini Cocktail Hour at your casa this weekend! Try one of our specialty mixes from our Viewing Party on Tuesday night…


Behind the Scenes at the 7FAM Viewing Party…

22 Feb

So, it’s time to dish. My viewing party for “Episodes of an Untitled Film” (featuring James Franco) last night was a major success! Some of my blogger besties were in attendance, including Helena from Brooklyn Blonde, Christine from My Style Pill, Annie from Refinery 29, Natalie from Natalie Off Duty, and so many more.  Of course, everyone loved the Kauai floral denim I was rocking (and why wouldn’t they?!)


Our ever-so-fabulous Creative Director, Michele Manz flew into town from London to share special deets about the collection and collaboration with James Franco.  All of the girls were drooling over how amazing Lily looked in all three Episodes!

And let’s be real… what’s a party without cocktails? With the help of my good friends at Patron, and their super cute bartenders, we created cocktails in-theme with the 7FAM spring collection (Neon Citron, Pink Lustre, and Garden Party). Pure genius! I’ve included a pic of the ingredients so you can play hostess with the mostess this weekend.  The apps were also adorable! I couldn’t get over the mini lobster rolls and baby turkey burgers.


At the end of the night, all of the girls went home with two pairs of denim (one floral and one of their choice), which they were super stoked about.  We all double air kissed, took a few last Instagr.ams, and said our goodbyes just before 9 PM. Call me an old woman, but I can’t stay out too late on a school night, especially when I have so many other press previews to plan for next week.  Stay tuned, because I think everyone had such a major time at this event, we’ll be planning WAY more for the future!


How to Host a Party

13 Feb

So if you’re as important as I am, you clearly have a party planned sometime in the upcoming weeks.  It might be New York Fashion Week, but what a PR girl lacks in time, she makes up for in multi-tasking!  Next week, I’m planning a viewing party for my closest blogger besties at our showroom in NYC, to get a sneak peek of the latest Franco episode.  It’s going to be completely fabulous and obviously full of floral denim, but as not to make you uber jeal, I’ll share some of my tips for throwing an all-around kick-ass bash.

Tip #1: Comfort first.
No I’m not talking about wearing sneakers to your event (although you totally could throw such a chic event at Soul Cycle with hot trainers, etc.), but you do want to make sure that you’re wearing your most comfortable, yet stylish heels.  Definitely don your 7FAM denim, because nothing will make your butt win “Most Enviable.”

Tip #2: Scent.
We’ve all been to someone’s humble abode when the second you open the front door, you’re hit by an overwhelming stench of comfort food (EW).  To avoid this epic party foul, cook everything at least a few hours ahead of time.  About an hour to party time, air out your apartment/house/whatever and light a candle with a minimal scent to help clear the space.

Tip #3: Don’t be cheap.
Release your inner penny-pincher and go to town for your guests. The biggest buzz kill for a killer party is when you suddenly realize that you’re out of appetizers or Patron margaritas (only the best for my guests!).  Live and die by the following three words: Order in excess!

Tip #4: Seating.
This goes along with Tip #1, but seating is so much more than just comfort.  If you aren’t exactly in the 1% and your furniture isn’t Jonathan Adler (don’t worry because mine totally isn’t either…yet), you need to make sure that your guests will not only feel comfortable enough to act like your casa is su casa but that the space is zen enough for Madonna to take a cat nap (theoretically).

Tip #5:
Have fun! Take a moment to look around and enjoy your own party.  Stop stressing about the little things, because if you don’t you’re going to ruin it for yourself.  In the words of Kanye West, breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.

You’re welcome in advance! Party on!


Announcing: Fit Weekend

7 Feb

You wake up every Saturday morning thinking the same thing: thank goodness it’s the weekend.  Well, we hear you. This Saturday, February 11th, we’re kicking off our Fit Weekend in all of our U.S. and Canada retail stores!!  We just figured that since we have all of these amazing new fits of denim, why not drop a little knowledge on our fave 7FAM fans!  Subscribe to our newsletter?  Check your inbox for a special VIP invitation to join us in-store for all kinds of denim goodness!  Try on any pair of denim to be entered to win a gift valued at $200 (OMG) while one of our style experts gives you tips on which fits are best suited for your body type!  Think we’re done with the Fit Weekend fun?  Not even close… but you have to make a stop at your local 7FAM retail location to find out! Xxx