How to Host a Party

13 Feb

So if you’re as important as I am, you clearly have a party planned sometime in the upcoming weeks.  It might be New York Fashion Week, but what a PR girl lacks in time, she makes up for in multi-tasking!  Next week, I’m planning a viewing party for my closest blogger besties at our showroom in NYC, to get a sneak peek of the latest Franco episode.  It’s going to be completely fabulous and obviously full of floral denim, but as not to make you uber jeal, I’ll share some of my tips for throwing an all-around kick-ass bash.

Tip #1: Comfort first.
No I’m not talking about wearing sneakers to your event (although you totally could throw such a chic event at Soul Cycle with hot trainers, etc.), but you do want to make sure that you’re wearing your most comfortable, yet stylish heels.  Definitely don your 7FAM denim, because nothing will make your butt win “Most Enviable.”

Tip #2: Scent.
We’ve all been to someone’s humble abode when the second you open the front door, you’re hit by an overwhelming stench of comfort food (EW).  To avoid this epic party foul, cook everything at least a few hours ahead of time.  About an hour to party time, air out your apartment/house/whatever and light a candle with a minimal scent to help clear the space.

Tip #3: Don’t be cheap.
Release your inner penny-pincher and go to town for your guests. The biggest buzz kill for a killer party is when you suddenly realize that you’re out of appetizers or Patron margaritas (only the best for my guests!).  Live and die by the following three words: Order in excess!

Tip #4: Seating.
This goes along with Tip #1, but seating is so much more than just comfort.  If you aren’t exactly in the 1% and your furniture isn’t Jonathan Adler (don’t worry because mine totally isn’t either…yet), you need to make sure that your guests will not only feel comfortable enough to act like your casa is su casa but that the space is zen enough for Madonna to take a cat nap (theoretically).

Tip #5:
Have fun! Take a moment to look around and enjoy your own party.  Stop stressing about the little things, because if you don’t you’re going to ruin it for yourself.  In the words of Kanye West, breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go.

You’re welcome in advance! Party on!


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