Music to Your Ears…

6 Mar

Surely by now, you’ve seen a few of our exclusive episodes of an Untitled Film on the 7 For All Mankind YouTube channel.  You’ve caught a glimpse of the Spring 2012 campaign collection (hello, florals), and you’re probably wondering why you can’t get all of those catchy tunes out of your head.  Well, we heard you! And we want to call out four of the artists featured in the episodes.  After doing a deeper dive on these up-and-coming musicians, you’ll be filling your Spotify with their playlist faster than you can say “Franco.”

If Paul Simon got back together with Art Garfunkel, grew his hair past his shoulders, and hired a really great filmographer, it would be Alexander Ebert.  A very free-spirited California vibe, Ebert almost resembles Bob Dylan’s folk sound from his younger years.  If you found his voice incredibly familiar, it’s because Ebert is the front man for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.  Definitely worth a listen.
Playlist additions: “Truth”, “A Million Years”


Alpine has those go-to songs that you play in your car with the sunroof open, on a gorgeous day, just as the sun starts to set. Hailing from Australia, their sound is light and fresh, heavy on the handclaps, with airy vocals that don’t require lyrics to memorize.  The music serves up ideal background beats, and we have to say, we’re completely content with that!  It’s always a big deal with an Australian band makes the crossover into U.S. territory, but it’s an even bigger deal when their introduction to our amber waves of grain is at the coveted SXSW music festival.  Check here for their schedule (
Playlist additions: “Hands”, “Zurich”

The band who has remixed almost everyone, including Foster the People, Wale, Elie Goulding, The Jackson Five, and Temper Trap, is the reason that you can’t get Episode 2 out of your head.  New York based B-Roc and J-Patt form the quintessential party duo who have toured with the likes of RJD2, Holy Ghost, MIA, and Sleigh Bells.  Parting words: Can’t knock The Knocks (sorry, we had to).
Playlist addition: “Magic”


A self-professed voguish summertime Goth band, Selebrities have that special 80’s infused sound that makes you think of that killer beach day spent with friends.  It’s got that new wave pop sound that besides being a guilty pleasure, would also fit on the soundtrack for any 80’s teen movie (see: Pretty In Pink).  The  band is gaining major notoriety in Europe, which means they’re shortly destined for big success in the states.  Selebrities were also featured as a part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit “Beauties & Beats” festival in Las Vegas.
Playlist additions: “Secret Garden”, “Time”

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