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Liquid Lunching and Winning Tickets to the Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Concert

24 Apr

Love to lunch in style? So do we! Get ready to be completely jealous, because while you’re sitting in your cube counting down the hours until 6:00 PM this Thursday, we’ll be sipping on Patron at a Liquid Lunch!  On April 26th, we’re teaming up with Virgin Mobile Live to host a Liquid Lunch, celebrating the music behind our Spring 2012 campaign.  Be sure to listen in as the action unfolds in real time.

The event will be held at the swanky, Virgin Mobile Live music studios in NYC, hosted by DJ Abbey Braden. The run down includes live performances by two bands featured in the James Franco episodes of an Untitled Film, Savoir Adore and St. Lucia.  The icing on the cake? No big deal, but Alexander Ebert of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes will be interviewed live in-studio!  Check back on our Facebook page for pictures from the event, follow us on Twitter @7FAM for live updates from the lunch.

In the New York area? Don’t forget to enter our Facebook contest for YOUR chance to win two tickets to see Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros perform in concert at the Roseland Ballroom on May 9th, 2012.

7FAM Exclusive: Selvaged Denim

19 Apr

Find our Selvage denim

We sat down with our denim designer Steve Romero to talk a little about Selvage Denim and here’s what he had to say:

DD: So give us the scoop on Selvaged denim and how it’s made.

SR: It’s this crazy process of weaving jeans using an old school style shuttle loom. I know it sounds sort of out there but it makes the best jeans on the planet. It takes longer to manufacture but the end result is a super durable and unique pair.

DD: What is the “ticker” ?

SR: When you turn these puppies inside out you won’t find a normal seam on the side. There’s no stitching to keep the fabric from unraveling –this is the self edge (hence “Selvage”) and there’s a little marking to differentiate the fabric from others. This is called the ticker and it’s sort of like a stamp of authenticity.

DD: Where are they made?

SR: So we found this incredible Italian mill (it’s one of the best in the world) to carefully create every pair of these jeans for 7FAM. We wanted our Selvage to be 100% unique so the craftspeople at the mill make them exactly how we want them –the yarn, ticker color and all the other tiny details are planned to a T. Our ticker is yellow and red to tie back to our original red and yellow labels. We are seriously going back to our roots with these jeans!


Coachella Round Up: Weekend 1

18 Apr

Photos via Refinery 29

Coachella kicked off last weekend, and will be followed-up by another round of music and mayhem this coming Friday.  Couldn’t hitchhike your way to Indio, CA? No worries! We’ve got the round up of the best styles and scenes from the desert festival.

The fashion at Coachella is amazing, as always.  The perfect excuse to dust off your Navajo-inspired fringe booties, the Native American accessories were out infull force.  Chanel Iman rocked it with this quintessential Coachella outfit. Clearly, models always do it better, which is why we just love this shot of our very own Lily Donaldson with her pals Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevigne in their obligatory Coachella leather jackets and cut-off shorts! We also spotted this fashionista looking svelte in our Garden Party Skinnies…

The Black Keys were a huge hit at the concert, playing to a crowd full of hipsters singing along to every lyric.  Other amazing performances included The Shins, Miike Snow, Feist, Azealia Banks, The Black Lips, Bon Iver, and of course, Radiohead.  However, the top performance of the weekend was by far Tupac. Yes, I’m sure you were under the impression that Tupac was dead, but the legendary rapper returned to play a special surreal performance via hologram!!  

With all of the amazing styles we spotted this past week, we can’t wait to give you our run down of this coming weekend!  Stay tuned for more from the summer’s coolest Cali festival… xx

Coachella Checklist

10 Apr

If your calendar looks anything like ours, the moment you’ve been counting down to for months is right around the corner.  Music festival season!  What’s even better?  Coachella is on Friday!  We absolutely love the three-day California festival because it embraces the culture of the desert.  The parties are laid back in Cali fashion, the street style is off-the-charts amazing, and the music lineup is second to none.  To make the most of your two-week stay in the Valley, we’re sharing tips to ensure your soiree is a complete success!

1.  Always carry sunscreen.  Remember to apply at least twice a day because let’s be real- nothing looks worse with a strapless dress than a bright red bikini line.

2. On that same note, shorts are essential for Coachella.  These pink Ikat shorts are the perfect addition to your bohemian luxe suitcase.  Plus, they will pair perfectly with your sun kissed tan!

3. Bring a first aid kit complete with Dr. Scholl’s.  Pesky sandal blisters can turn your bright eyes and bushy tail into a flat-out buzz kill.

4. Whatever you do, don’t bring your favorite leather purse.  Try toting a light canvas bag around at the festival.  You will not want to be sweating, trying to keep your heavy, leather bag on your shoulder in the 100-degree weather.

Plus, the bigger the bag, the more room you’ll have to fit your cute, new white shorts in!

5. Take tons of pictures. You never know what celebrities you’re going to run into, or what killer street styles you’ll scope that you absolutely must recreate at Coachella.  Take a tip from the pros, and stay on guard with your Instagram lens in hand!