Coachella Checklist

10 Apr

If your calendar looks anything like ours, the moment you’ve been counting down to for months is right around the corner.  Music festival season!  What’s even better?  Coachella is on Friday!  We absolutely love the three-day California festival because it embraces the culture of the desert.  The parties are laid back in Cali fashion, the street style is off-the-charts amazing, and the music lineup is second to none.  To make the most of your two-week stay in the Valley, we’re sharing tips to ensure your soiree is a complete success!

1.  Always carry sunscreen.  Remember to apply at least twice a day because let’s be real- nothing looks worse with a strapless dress than a bright red bikini line.

2. On that same note, shorts are essential for Coachella.  These pink Ikat shorts are the perfect addition to your bohemian luxe suitcase.  Plus, they will pair perfectly with your sun kissed tan!

3. Bring a first aid kit complete with Dr. Scholl’s.  Pesky sandal blisters can turn your bright eyes and bushy tail into a flat-out buzz kill.

4. Whatever you do, don’t bring your favorite leather purse.  Try toting a light canvas bag around at the festival.  You will not want to be sweating, trying to keep your heavy, leather bag on your shoulder in the 100-degree weather.

Plus, the bigger the bag, the more room you’ll have to fit your cute, new white shorts in!

5. Take tons of pictures. You never know what celebrities you’re going to run into, or what killer street styles you’ll scope that you absolutely must recreate at Coachella.  Take a tip from the pros, and stay on guard with your Instagram lens in hand!

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