7FAM Exclusive: Selvaged Denim

19 Apr

Find our Selvage denim

We sat down with our denim designer Steve Romero to talk a little about Selvage Denim and here’s what he had to say:

DD: So give us the scoop on Selvaged denim and how it’s made.

SR: It’s this crazy process of weaving jeans using an old school style shuttle loom. I know it sounds sort of out there but it makes the best jeans on the planet. It takes longer to manufacture but the end result is a super durable and unique pair.

DD: What is the “ticker” ?

SR: When you turn these puppies inside out you won’t find a normal seam on the side. There’s no stitching to keep the fabric from unraveling –this is the self edge (hence “Selvage”) and there’s a little marking to differentiate the fabric from others. This is called the ticker and it’s sort of like a stamp of authenticity.

DD: Where are they made?

SR: So we found this incredible Italian mill (it’s one of the best in the world) to carefully create every pair of these jeans for 7FAM. We wanted our Selvage to be 100% unique so the craftspeople at the mill make them exactly how we want them –the yarn, ticker color and all the other tiny details are planned to a T. Our ticker is yellow and red to tie back to our original red and yellow labels. We are seriously going back to our roots with these jeans!


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