Cinco de Mayo

3 May

Besides being completely in love with the fact that it’s almost summertime (yay), we have another reason to celebrate: Cinco de Mayo!! We love Cinco because its the one holiday where it’s perfectly acceptable to shamelessly rock a sombrero, eat chips & guacamole until you say “no mas”, and have a margarita or six!  This year the holiday falls on a Saturday, so if you’re like us, you’ll have a few different parties to attend.  Always coming to the rescue, we’ve got a checklist of the essential items you’ll need for your Mexican fiesta!

1.    Wear something with a loud, multicolored print… because honestly, who shows up to a Cinco de Mayo party without going all-out festive!? Items to consider include a hobo cross-body bag in afunky Aztec print, awesome floral nail art, and a soundtrack of summer party tunes.

2.    Killer guacamole!  The secret to making an amazing guac lies in two key factors.  Whatever you do, do NOT skimp on the cilantro.  This either makes or breaks your party dip. Also note, a lack of cilantro cannot be compensated for by an overage of lime.  Coming from a place of trial and error, just trust us on that one.  Secondly, if you can’t seem to hit the “OMG this is the bomb dot com” factor with your dip, don’t underestimate the power of presentation.  Invest in an authentic stone mortar and pestle to make your fellow partygoers think you’ve got the dip situation under control.

3.    The perfect party outfit.  Since it’s almost summertime the weather is just about right, we’ve got the perfect three-piece ensemble for your Cinco festivities.  There’s something about a racerbank tank that just screams laid-back chic. Pair it with our June leather sandals, and our Neon Citron skinnies for an effortless cool look.  A little warm outside?  Try our Kauai Floral shorts for the same casual vibe, with a more tropical spin.

4.    Tequila! Patron or Skinny Girl margaritas, on the rocks or with salt, you need to have some form of the authentic drink in your hand.  Whatever floats your Mexican boat is fine by us!

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