Summer Fridays

30 May

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, the season is finally here.  Yes, it’s officially summertime!  Warm nights, outdoor BBQs, quality pool time… While the list of our favorite summertime moments could go on forever, we’re moving the focus to one of the best inventions ever: Summer Fridays!

Even if you’re not out of the office by 3PM at the end of the week, Friday is the best day to kick back and get ready for your well deserved weekend! If you’re in New York, the 5PM possibilities are endless. Craving friends, denim cutoffs and a margarita? Head to Crema in Chelsea or Diablo Royale in the West Village to fill your soul with the most killer guacamole known to man!

Out on the best (West) coast? Nothing cures your workweek stress like the rooftop view from the Beverly Wilshire. It’s truly amazing what a sunset and slipping into super skinnies can do for your outlook on life.

In sunny Miami? Get out of the air conditioning, throw on a pair of white, super-flare denim, and head to Mary Brickell Village. Nobody makes a mojito like the bartenders at Dolores Lolita.

Wherever you are on Friday afternoon, be sure to soak in the summertime air and start your weekend off right!


Crema in Chelsea

Diablo Royale in the West Village

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