Interview with Cheyenne Meets Chanel – Shea Marie (Los Angeles)

6 Jun

LA based Shea Marie is a true California girl with the platinum locks and perennial tan to prove it. Her boho style is constantly evolving to reflect her mood and latest inspiration.

How would you describe your style?

I have a hard time boxing it into just a few words. So if I had to say what my style is, I would say it’s ever changing. But, I did grow up near the beach and live in L.A so I have always had a California laid back vibe. Other people might describe me as being a bit boho and a little hippie-chic.

Has your style changed since moving to L.A from San Diego? How so?

Definitely. San Diego is so far behind in fashion compared to LA. Moving to LA has made me become more fashion forward. There were things that I wore in San Diego that would be considered risqué and in LA the same things would be old news. There is a big difference between the two cities, even though they’re only a couple hours away from one another.

Who are your style icons?

Kate Moss – everything she wears is on the cutting edge and never looks like she tried too hard. I’m also a huge fan of street style blogs. I like to see what real women around the world are wearing.

Are you inspired by L.A street style?

Yes, somewhat. During the day people in New York and London look so nice. I actually just went to London for the first time and was surprised by how put together people were in London. So, in L.A there is just more of a laid back feeling, which I appreciate. Plus, I can run home and change for the various things I do during the day. In New York you need to be ready for the whole day and need a versatile outfit. Here I can just run home and change.

What are some of your favorite places to shop in L.A?

I love all of the stores on Robertson Blvd.Also, Opening Ceremony, Barneys, Maxfield, vintage clothing at Wasteland, the Melrose Flea Market and the Rose Bowl flea market. I love to find things nobody else has. You can find some amazing vintage in LA.

What is the last thing you bought?

I know my next purchase will be a nice bag. I need a beige or tan bag, something simple like a Givenchy or Valentino tote. I really like the Celine bag too, but I feel like everyone has that bag.

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One Response to “Interview with Cheyenne Meets Chanel – Shea Marie (Los Angeles)”

  1. thecheriebomb June 14, 2012 at 9:10 AM #

    Lu-huv her whole outfit, especially her pants.

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