Interview with Katie Atlas of Sugar Laws (Houston)

12 Jun

Fashion editor and author of the new book “City of Style,” Melissa Magsaysay recently sat down with Katie Atlas of Sugar Laws to dissect her style and get the scoop on all things Southwestern.

She may have started her blog as a die-hard foodie, but Katie Atlas swiftly made a name for herself by sharing her enviable style with the whole world. Her recent move to Houston also has her infusing plenty of genuine southern charm into her wardrobe, complete with tons of color and statement accessories.

How would you describe your style?

I shoot for easy and comfortable but fashion forward. I’ve always gravitated toward things that I love and feel good in. I keep things pretty casual and classic and wearable.

What would you say is a signature aspect of your style?

I know what I love and that’s just what I love! I’m pretty casual, but I do love a good dress. I don’t do the vintage thing and tend to go for more contemporary pieces

You’re now living in Houston after living in New York for 7 years, how has your style changed?

My style has definitely changed, but it’s still me. The really cool thing about living in Houston is that you can actually wear your high heels. I was so happy to be freed from having to lug around my flats in my bag!

Also, I’ve been toning down the amount of black I wear here. I feel like when I wear all black in Houston I stand out in a way that you wouldn’t in New York. It’s a Southern City so people love their color and statement pieces. I’ve been trying to hold on to some of the New York sensibility. But, Houston is a really cool city that really loves fashion. People are really excited about fashion. People love to get dressed up here. I went to a fashion show here on a random weekday and people were wearing sequins and fur.

It’s the smaller details. People here care about fashion as an investment.

Have you discovered some great places to shop in Houston?

We have the Galleria, which is an incredible mall with everything from Chanel to YSL and also J Crew and Club Monaco in it. It’s one of the first places I learned how to get to in Houston. There are amazing consignment shops here too where you can find really good deals. I recently found a 3-4 year old Chanel jacket at one of them.

Who are your style icons?

I look at a ton of other blogs; those are my number one style source. Houston is such a driving city so you don’t see what people are wearing. I also look at what celebrities are wearing. I particularly love Rachel Bilson, Olivia Palermo always looks gorgeous, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen always doing fun things with fashion. I would rather see someone in a cool outfit out running errands rather than on a red carpet.

For more from Melissa Magsaysay and her stellar taste, check out Melissa’s Picks for the full breakdown of everything she has her eye on right now. And don’t forget to enter our Facebook contest for a chance to win them all! 

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