Interview with Andrea Kerbuski of Blonde Bedhead (Chicago)

20 Jun

Blonde Bedhead blogger Andrea Kerbuski is as recognizable for her style as she is her pile of perfectly curly platinum locks. The Chicago resident shares her love of leather and spikes and why the Midwest is a fashion destination worth knowing about.

How would you describe Midwest style?

It’s edgy but comfortable. People put effort into utility here, which of make more sacrifices for style. Because people dress for the weather, you’re seeing something very different throughout the year. You have more ways to play around with style and your essentially styling yourself throughout the year.

Describe your style

My style is reflective of Chicago, but a bit more on the edgier side. I prefer anything with leather and spikes. Everything I wear has a rocker edge to it. Really, if I could wear leatherhead to toe I would! I’ll wear some feminine pieces now and then, but even then, the look is more toughened up.

Have you always been into fashion?

I grew up in small town in Michigan with no access to department stores. So, I did a lot of DIY from a young age and had to use a lot of imagination. It wasn’t until college that I understood that fashion isn’t that far away; it can be wherever you live.

Why are you favorite designers?

Alexander Wang – every single thing he makes I would wear. It’s the perfect mix of edgy and comfort. I love his handbags and shoes. I also love Marc Jacobs, especially his handbags.

Who are your style icons?

I look at other bloggers and street style. My favorite blogger is Caroline of Caroline’s Mode (from Sweden). Our styles are very similar. She has been one of my favorite bloggers for a long time. I love Swedish style.

What are some of the great stores in Chicago that people need to know about?

Neighborhoods like Bucktown, Wicker Park and Lincoln Park have great boutiques. A place called Lori’s Shoes has a great selection of accessories. Comfort Me is an environmentally friendly store that has home stuff and garden items as well as clothes and accessories. You just walk in and immediately feel happy.

Knee Deep Vintage, Dethrose Vintage and Merl Kinzie (jewelry) are all great and all share a studio. They take customers by appointment only.


I hear you love high heels. Who makes some of your favorites?

It’s all I wear! And it doesn’t matter if I’m in the city or not. I don’t actually know if my body knows how to walk in flats. I think I might trip!

Christian Louboutin is my favorite. If it’s a crazy day and I am going out later that night, then I wear a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platforms or boots. I can go out to the bars in Chicago for 6 hours and I’m still comfortable. My shoes always look like they’re uncomfortable but they’re not. The platform really helps.

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One Response to “Interview with Andrea Kerbuski of Blonde Bedhead (Chicago)”

  1. Alyssa (@LePetitMondeA) June 22, 2012 at 11:49 PM #

    Great interview! It’s nice to see a fellow blogger from the Midwest.

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