Your Concert Fashion Essentials

3 Aug

Concerts may be a scene, but these days it’s all about BEING seen — as in perfecting the ultimate street style look that demands a place of honor on Instagram. But first, certain considerations must be taken. Comfort, sophistication and rock star style aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive — especially when you’re canvassing the sticky Chicago heat of Lollapalooza or getting down and dirty in the desert for Burning Man.

We say start with a bold denim (this snake print makes us think of Stephen Tyler circa 1975), and build it out with something sheer and sexy. Add other statement-making elements like this ethnic necklace and a “so big you can’t miss it” cocktail ring that’s easy to spot from across the crowded beer line.

And while you may have visions of epic crowd-surfing and effigy burning rolling around in your head, a rollicking good time can’t be had without the perfect bag. Skip the clutch, and upgrade to something that’s capable of carrying more than just your house keys. With goodies to buy and pics to snap, a solid satchel in a contrasting print adds an exciting mix to the festival landscape.

So dress the vibe, pack with practicality, and raise that lighter you found in your junk drawer high above your head. Music may be the essence of your entertainment pursuits, but looking good always makes for a great opening act.

Get the look:

  1. 7FAM Dolman Button Down in Deep Teal
  2. 7FAM The Skinny in Amber with High Gloss Snake 
  3. DANNIJO Rhaise Necklace 
  4. Adina Mills Tiger’s Eye Slab Ring  from
  5. Will Leather Goods Oaxacan Postal Bag from

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