7 After 7: Song of Style

22 Aug


Aimee Song first started her blog in San Francisco but recently relocated back to Los Angeles where she is an interior designer. Her outfit choices are inspired by her love of architecture and interior design. She mixes textures and patterns to create dynamic and inspiring looks and interiors. We sat down with the style maven to get the scoop on what she’s wearing to paint the town red this Fall.

7FAM: What does your ideal night out entail?

AS: My ideal night out would be going to a gallery event, then eating afterwards with my friends without realizing it’s already 2am because we’re having too much fun enjoying each other’s company.

 7FAM: Where would you wear this outfit?  

I wore this outfit to a street art exhibition in West Hollywood.

 7FAM: What do you love about these jeans?    

Umm… everything! I love the snakeskin print on these jeans especially because it is actually a snakeskin like texture, and most importantly, they fit perfectly.

7FAM: How have you styled them in order to stand out?  

I went all out by wearing white on white. I really could’ve worn any t-shirt (which I did) with these jeans because they stand out on their own!

7FAM: You’ve said that you love our Slim Illusion jeans. Can you elaborate? 

There are a few too many skinny jeans in this world, but not many fit perfectly. I personally love the Slim Illusion style because not only do they fit my legs perfectly as if they are custom made, but best of all they don’t squish my butt in. Even after a long day of wear, they still fit like a glove without losing their shape!

Check out Aimee’s blog here and enter to win a FREE TRIP TO LA HERE!


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