Labor Day Weekend ’12: Glamping!

31 Aug

Roughing it (Four Star Style)

We don’t look down on anyone who enjoys camping — it’s just that we prefer to kick back under the stars with room service at the ready and a spa appointment in hand. Yes, call us spoiled and perhaps a little nature resistant (Honey, we don’t do bugs or pot-o-potties unless it’s Coachella), but there’s something to be said for enjoying the best of both worlds minus the dirt and drama.

Enter glamping, the glam alternative to roasting frozen hot dogs over an open fire. A four-star version of camping, glamping offers up the best of the outdoors with all the amenities you love like gourmet food, massages and personal concierge service if you so choose. From tree houses overlooking the mountains to a yurt nestled deep within the desert plains, it’s not a matter of where you go but how you do it — in style.

So where should you head when the city starts to feel a bit overwhelming, but you can’t imagine existing without your iPad? Out West is your best bet if you’re chomping at the bit for some beautiful scenery. Or follow Hollywood’s cue and head to Canada for an ultra-exclusive, ultra-rustic experience.

Our Top 3 Glamping Getaways:

1. Hit The Trees With Ease

Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, CA)

A flashback to those days when camping out in your own personal treehouse was your only escape from your parents, this resort offers up spectacular views from nine feet up in the air in your very own post modern crash pad. Complete with luxe essentials like a spa, gourmet restaurant, morning yoga and a day of whale watching, the experience is well worth the hefty price tag.

2. Pop a Designer Tent (Prospector Style)

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort (Tofino, British Columbia) 

You know how you always say you REALLY want to get away? How out to a rustic destination that’s only reachable by sea plane that Hemingway would most definitely approve of? If Clayoquot’s romantic tents, raw views and gourmet food isn’t enough to entice you, keep in mind Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson celebrated their wedding and honeymoon here.

3. Enjoy a Glass of a Yurt

Cave B Inn & Spa (Quincy, WA)

Super-size the average tent to look like the circus big top, throw in some furniture,  leave out the toilet and what you have is the ultimate yurtin’ experience. A popular shelter among Southwestern Native Americans, Cave B Inn’s yurts are actually located within an active working winery (making going to the bar the ultimate door-to-door experience).


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