Fall Beauty Must-Haves: Dark Lips, Flushed Cheeks and Moody Fingertips

7 Sep

There’s something dangerous in the air; a wicked smile and the promise of something exciting yet to come. With fall looming on the horizon, the bright splashes of neons and bold prints we’ve come to hold dear for summer have quickly been replaced by a sexier, more gothic-like element that’s being seen across the entire fashion and beauty landscape. From tangled curls to masculine menswear, this season’s style conscious would be wise to put their polka dots and pumps away in favor of rich jeweled tones and oxford heels.

So what does that mean if you’re ready to embrace a new look from your cheeks right on down to your fingertips? Focus on these three trends for your next trip to your favorite beauty counter:

Vampy Lips — Seen all over the Fall 2012 runways, last season’s bright pinks and pops of hyper-saturated corals have been done away with in favor of dark wines and blood reds. Our pick? Smashbox’s Image Factory Lip Enhacing Gloss in Nude and Deep Berry (Sephora, $24.00).

Flushed Cheeks — A healthy glow that suggests and evening spent not-so-solo. Tops on our list? A classic we can’t live without: Benefit’s Liquid Benetint (Ulta, $29.00 ).

Nightlife Nail Art — When a French manicure just won’t do, and you’ve become bored with your standard application of Dior green or OPI’s Russian Navy: Try The New Black’s Digital Underground Collection ($24.00, Sephora). Comprised of three different nail art sets designed by leading artists in the field, you can’t go wrong with one of these creative beauty kits.

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