7 After 7: Sugarlaws

12 Sep
In October 2007, Katy Atlas, a Princeton graduate and lawyer, created Sugar Laws as a place to share recipes with her family and friends. Soon the site evolved into another new love: fashion. Her daily diary documents her sugary confections and sweet style.Katy includes her favorite recipes for her readers – and even bakes special treats for brands.
What does your ideal night out entail?
Dinner and drinks at a fun restaurant with a big group of friends!  I love to order a ton of dishes and share everything, which works best in big groups!
Where would you wear this outfit?
Anywhere!  This would be perfect for a night out but also totally easy for a fall or winter brunch!
What do you love about these laser gold jeans?
They are so unique — the perfect pair to build an outfit around.  I love that the print is subtle but still noticeable — perfect for mixing and matching or standing alone!
How have you styled them in order to stand out?
These jeans have this amazing cool-girl, seventies vibe, so I brought that out with a sleeveless vest, tons of bracelets and necklaces, and obviously aviator shades!
 Slim Illusion” Quote:
The Slim Illusion jeans are amazingly flattering, but still totally comfortable.  The stretch is so well constructed that they make you look great all night!

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