Elevated Brunch Suggestions For the Ladies You Love

18 Sep

Let’s be clear. Anne Parker does not cook. In fact, my last foray into the kitchen resulted in a small 2-alarm smoker and a mild flirtation with a New York City fire fighter who happened to be a former Mr. November (god bless the FDNY Firefighter Calendar of Heroes). So when my best friend asked me host an upcoming brunch at my apartment for a college friend visiting from out of town, my first thought was “Does Benoit deliver?” and if so, how many gallons of mimosas can one request without looking like a complete lush?

No, my BFF explained, I was expected to actually make the food and drinks  myself. So following a mild panic attack and a trip to Pottery Barn for something more substantial than my mismatched plates and cups, I hit upon the following menu:


Drinks: The Fall Signature Cocktail

God Bless Martha Stewart. Without her we’d all be stuck mixing frozen orange juice concentrate with some cheap Asti. A modified mimosa with a touch of rye, bitters and blood orange to add a bit of class, this drink is a great way to toast the season with friends.


Starter: Zucchini Fritters 

Put away those carb-inducing potato pancakes — this yummy alternative is easy to make and packed full of protein and vitamins.

Main Course: Fall Vegetable and Quinoa Hash Poached Eggs  

Seriously. Quinoa is like the new black — it’s so on-trend right now, I’m surprised no one’s offered it a reality series yet. Pair it elegantly with a delicate poached egg for the perfect plating experience and feel free to add on some organic turkey apple sausage for good measure.

Wish me luck, loves. If I can master this meal my relationship with Lean Cuisines might officially be over….


Anne P.

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