7 After 7: Beckerman Bite Plate

19 Sep

The Beckermans (twins Caillianne and Samantha) hail from Toronto and these talented sisters have a fantastic eye for style. Their blog, Beckerman Bite Plate, is a vintage clothing shopper’s dream featuring the sisters showing off their favorite pieces and finds. Their line, The Beckerman, was a popular collection of womenswear, handbags and jewelry featured everywhere from the pages of WWD and Vogue to the closet of Sienna Miller and other stylish celebs. Their DIY posts showcase their own knits and sketches.

I sat down with these stylish sisters to chat all things denim.

7FAM: What does your ideal night out entail? 

Callianne: My ideal night entails hanging out with my Pomeranians Cubby and Marni and then heading out downtown with the sistas’ to a fashion party.

7FAM: Where would you wear this outfit?

C: I would wear this outfit to a Black Keys Concert. It’s rock n’ roll chic!

S: I would wear this outfit to go out for karaoke with the girls and singing my lil’ heart out, is my all time favorite thing to do!

7FAM: What do you love about these jeans?

C: I love how comfortable these jeans are around the waist, and how tight they are around the legs. I can eat dinner in them!

S: I love how these jeans make me feel sexy.

7FAM: How have you styled them in order to stand out?

C: I have styled them with a plaid patchwork top with a maroon hat and a yellow t-shirt. I am going for the varsity/grunge rock n’ roll kind off feel. The jeans act as a neutral but tie all the colors in together. Perfect for Fall!

S:  I’m really into that Hawaiian feel and royal blue is my favorite color for Fall. I put the royal blue Slim Illusion jeans with a Hawaiian shirt and surfer bag and voila…surf’s up!

Slim Illusion” Quote:

C: I love how tight and fitted the Slim Illusion jeans are, and how they fit around the ankles with no bunching. They have a lot of stretch and they are like a second skin, which is awesome. I love the Slim Illusion jean because they make me feel fit and show off my legs! I also love all the colors and patterns they come in.

S:I love the way the Slim Illusion jeans fit because they are very slimming and extremely comfortable. The color just pops and I’m all about royal blue for Fall! The Slim Illusion jeans are extremely comfortable and are very slimming. I love the way they make my legs look!

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