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Taking the Fright Out of Fit: Our Ultimate Fit Guide

26 Oct

One of the most intimidating dilemmas a girl faces in her young life is finding a perfect pair of jeans. There are endless styles, prints, colors and wash options to choose from. But finding the denim look of your dreams is only half the battle—the FIT aspect is enough to give some gals the heebie-jeebies. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve taken the fear out of finding the perfect fit. So before you break out into a cold sweat in a fitting room near you, just remember these helpful tips.


Before hitting the web or store for your ultimate denim duds, take the time to actually measure that derriere of yours. Yes, this may sound like a sound out of a  horror movie to some but it is actually the best way to determine your size.

Start with your Waist, using a measuring tape at the narrowest part of your torso. Then slide it down and evaluate your Low Hip, which is the fullest part of your hips. Lastly, determine your Thigh Size, by measuring the fullest part of your upper leg.


THE SKINNY: The name says it all. The Skinny is like wearing a second layer of skin, making it the sexiest and most coveted pair. They hug your legs and hips from top to bottom and have a shorter inseam for a clean look. Not only will they make your butt look next level, but they also come in an endless variety of prints and fabrics from leather-like to metallic to snakeskin.

THE ROXANNE: The Roxanne was 7FAM’s original skinny fit. They has a classic look and is slim through the hip and thigh but they’re nothing like a legging. They are casual enough to wear every day and comes in enough washes to keep you in in blues jeans all winter long.

THE SLIM ILLUSION: The jackpot jean! A revolutionary pair, these will make you feel a whole size smaller. Already sold? Wait, folks, there’s more! Tighter construction and intense stretch create a sexy, slim silhouette. This exclusive technology provides total shape recovery. No need for shape wear under these babies, the jeans do it for you!

So don’t fret, my pets! Just be sure to measure yourself properly and know what you’re looking for!

DIY Décor Dilemmas: It’s Not Easy Being Green…or Chic

12 Oct

In a perfect world, our personal assistant would take out the trash and recycling, a sexy Ryan Gosling lookalike would ferry us furniture shopping, and the closest we’d get to a DIY project would be traveling first class to Paris to pick out the perfect antique doorknob for our imaginary pantry. Needless to say, all of the above only exists in the fantasy world we’ve created in our heads — the reality being sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands when it comes to cool home décor.

The same holds true when it comes to adding a personal touch to your space. Sure, you can spend big bucks and buy a new table or chair (and then kill yourself hauling it home), or you can help out the environment and make a statement with a fun found item project. Living in NYC, we have access to cool second-hand shops like Film Biz Recycling and Housing Works, but even if you only have Goodwill to lean on, the goodies you can make from recycled objects are sure to spread positive creative karma.

Project #1: Vintage Briefcase Chair

While we personally put our stash of vintage suitcases to good use as an end table, we love the idea of repurposing one as a chic chair and conversational piece. Simply find a wood plank that fits the dimensions of the case, gather together your favorite fabric, bunting and padding, stuff your fabric, glue in your plank and secure your cushion. Add chair legs from another chair and paint them for a pop of color.

Project #2: Slate and Branch Table

Ready to bring nature indoors minus the bugs and dirt? This organically gorgeous table could be yours with the help of a sturdy branch, a piece of raw slate, a plank of wood and some anchors. Just follow these simple directions from Design Sponge and let the furniture-making commence.

Project #3: Book Lamp

Reading IS fundamental, but so it the idea of rescuing an epic novel from the dumpster.  That’s why we’re giving this easy lamp project a major thumb’s up. Found during one of our many Pinterest wanderings, we love the fact that all it involves is a an electric drill (so you can make holes through each book and slide them up the base), the addition of a vintage shade and a little ingenuity.

Fall Festival A Go-Go (Don’t Leave Home Without These Travel Essentials!)

5 Oct

Hello Lovelies!

Anne Parker is hitting the road this weekend (don’t you find it amusing when people talk about themselves in the third person, or is it just me?) to help kick-off  Virgin Mobile FreeFest, and while all the hipster boys and granola girls will be taking in the scene with perfectly tousled locks and sublime denim style (natch), I’m still stressing out about how many costume changes is one too many. Is it REALLY that excessive to pack two suitcases for an overnighter? Will you judge me if my makeup bag weighs more than my carry-on?  And seriously, can you find a pilates studio in Columbia, Maryland?!? These and many other questions are burning a hole in my head as I book a last minute pedi and try to fit in a private date with my Crest White Strips before I take off.

Admittedly my to-do list is kind of extensive and one my assistant is less than enthused to tackle all of it while I’m away (is it my fault I have 20 lbs of dry cleaning from Fashion Week that still needs to be picked up?). But when it comes to the important stuff (like updating my iTunes playlist, getting a blow-out and making sure the latest episode of Revenge is primed and ready on my laptop for my “exhausting” two-hour flight), I’m good to go and then some. In fact, I’m confident I’ll be the chicest girl in the joint (not to mention my assistant won’t have to worry about her job) if these goodies find their way into my suitcase.

I’m Wearing it:  Comfort is key, but so is prepping for the inevitable street style photographer who’s sure to be lurking outside the VIP lounge. I’m busting out my favorite 7FAM poncho a pair of skinnies and a fly fedora like this one to ensure I cultivate the perfect boho style my many fans (OK, there’s three and one of them is my mom) are expecting. Heels or boots? I’ll get back to you after Suri serves up an updated weather report. I mean, let’s get real, kids. There’s nothing cute about a muddy and frizzy haired Anne Parker huddling in the pouring rain while waiting in line for the port-o-potties.

I’m Carrying it: Good-bye overflowing designer shoulder bag and hello iPhone crossbody. My phone and I will continue to be joined at the hip, alongside my rechargable iPhone case (perfect for extended festivals snaps), Benetint Pocket Pal for a quick lip and cheek pick-me-up AND my EO sanitizing lavender biodegradable handi-wipes to ensure my major germ phobia is kept in check and doesn’t make me look like an idiot when I try to open doors with my elbows.

Yes, this New York City girl knows how to travel in style — it’s just that whole “not shoving so many things in my suitcase so I’m forced to sit on it to get it closed” thing that I’m still working on…

And check out the lineup for the festival here! 

FreeFest or bust!



7 After 7: Coco + Kelley

3 Oct

Cassandra Lavalle is the editor behind Coco + Kelley where she shares stunning interiors, brilliant fashion, inspired tabletops and original color palettes – always with a touch of glamour. Cassandra is also the market editor for Rue Magazine where she contributes urbane interiors and stylish events to this digital glossy.

Above: Cassandra in our High Gloss skinnies in Snake. 

7FAM: What does your ideal night out entail?

CL: I love starting the evening with a late dinner at a delicious, dark restaurant, then move to the bar to scheme the rest of the night! On the ideal night, we’d catch an awesome local band and then end up at a cozy, hidden bar until the wee hours. 

7FAM: Where would you wear this outfit?

CL: This is definitely a dinner with the girls kind of outfit. Fun and easy, it’s perfect for summer nights on a rooftop deck!

7FAM: What do you love about these jeans?

CL: The fit is fantastic and flattering, but my favorite part is the gold hardware! It elevates the style so much.

7FAM: How have you styled them in order to stand out?

CL: Adding a bit of a sheer top is sexy, but not too revealing – it stands out in a good way! Tucking the top in shows off the gold accents, and finishing things off with a gold heel makes that accent pop even more!

Above: Cassandra in the Skinny in Metallic Gold.

7FAM: We noticed you wore our Slim Illusions on your blog. What do you love about them?

CL: It’s hard to find denim that feels sophisticated, but the Slim Illusion II in this dark denim wash takes jeans to a whole new level. The fact that the gold hardware is the only embellishment makes them perfect for day to night dressing (no details on the pockets!) and makes them feel more like a pant than a jean, which I like. The focus is on the fit and silhouette, both of which are fantastic!

Above: Cassandra in the Slim Illusions skinnies in Ginger.

See more from Cassandra on her lovely blog Coco + Kelley!

Your Fall Weekend Primer

2 Oct


Fun, food, music and foliage. Hitting the road this time of year can be a welcome escape from school, work or the big city grind. But where can you go on a low-brow budget and still have some high-brow fun?

It all depends on your location and point of reference. While we prefer some leisurely lounging at a local winery in Long Island Sound or a historical trek to some haunted gathering spot along the Hudson River Valley, autumn activities run the gamut from hard partying to eating your way through the best in artisinal local fare.

For the Gourmet Foodie and Pop Culture Fan: Woodstock Museum and Harvest Festival (Liberty, NY)

Nestled about an hour outside of NYC exists the original spot for the Woodstock concert in 1969 (which BTW, didn’t actually happen in Woodstock). The grounds of Bethel Woods are now the home to a modern concert space,  museum dedicated the history and preservation of the 60’s music culture, and a weekend festival gathering spot for many locals and out-of-towners. Drive up and stay at a shabby chic B&B, sample goodies from local dairies and bakeries, and be sure to pet a few baby alpacas (who make a cameo every year at the festival) before you pack it in and head back to the Big Apple.

For the Photography Buff: Yearly Monarch Butterfly Migration Pismo Beach, CA)

What our friends on the West Coast may lack in fall color tour options, they more than make up for with their annual monarch butterfly migration that starts in late October and extends thru the first of the year. Millions of these pretty winged creatures make Pismo Beach their home away from home, drawing in amateur and professional photogs alike.  Make a pit stop for some killer snaps then hit the many wineries that dot the area for an extended cocktail hour…or three.

For the Music Lover: The Voodoo Experience (New Orleans, LA)

Sure, everybody knows about NOLA’s Jazz Festival in spring, but what better way to blend modern music with the city’s traditional jazz roots than with a three day music festival at the end of October that includes everyone from Gary Clark Jr. to Green Day? You can camp out if you feel like roughing it or grab a room in the French Quarter — either way, the city’s famous motto (“Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez” or “Let the good times roll”) holds true not matter what the season.

For the Party-Minded: Oktoberfest (Tulsa, OK )

Tulsa may seem like an odd spot for the best Oktoberfest in the country, but according to the Today Show and, there’s no other place you should be if you’re into German grog, beer barrel races and (wait for it) the annual running of the weiner dogs. Finding the perfect balance between kitschy and cool, Bon Apetit gives this festival high scores for food and drink, while WE give them a thumb’s up for actively promoting their yearly chicken dance (and yes, costumes are welcome).