Fall Festival A Go-Go (Don’t Leave Home Without These Travel Essentials!)

5 Oct

Hello Lovelies!

Anne Parker is hitting the road this weekend (don’t you find it amusing when people talk about themselves in the third person, or is it just me?) to help kick-off  Virgin Mobile FreeFest, and while all the hipster boys and granola girls will be taking in the scene with perfectly tousled locks and sublime denim style (natch), I’m still stressing out about how many costume changes is one too many. Is it REALLY that excessive to pack two suitcases for an overnighter? Will you judge me if my makeup bag weighs more than my carry-on?  And seriously, can you find a pilates studio in Columbia, Maryland?!? These and many other questions are burning a hole in my head as I book a last minute pedi and try to fit in a private date with my Crest White Strips before I take off.

Admittedly my to-do list is kind of extensive and one my assistant is less than enthused to tackle all of it while I’m away (is it my fault I have 20 lbs of dry cleaning from Fashion Week that still needs to be picked up?). But when it comes to the important stuff (like updating my iTunes playlist, getting a blow-out and making sure the latest episode of Revenge is primed and ready on my laptop for my “exhausting” two-hour flight), I’m good to go and then some. In fact, I’m confident I’ll be the chicest girl in the joint (not to mention my assistant won’t have to worry about her job) if these goodies find their way into my suitcase.

I’m Wearing it:  Comfort is key, but so is prepping for the inevitable street style photographer who’s sure to be lurking outside the VIP lounge. I’m busting out my favorite 7FAM poncho a pair of skinnies and a fly fedora like this one to ensure I cultivate the perfect boho style my many fans (OK, there’s three and one of them is my mom) are expecting. Heels or boots? I’ll get back to you after Suri serves up an updated weather report. I mean, let’s get real, kids. There’s nothing cute about a muddy and frizzy haired Anne Parker huddling in the pouring rain while waiting in line for the port-o-potties.

I’m Carrying it: Good-bye overflowing designer shoulder bag and hello iPhone crossbody. My phone and I will continue to be joined at the hip, alongside my rechargable iPhone case (perfect for extended festivals snaps), Benetint Pocket Pal for a quick lip and cheek pick-me-up AND my EO sanitizing lavender biodegradable handi-wipes to ensure my major germ phobia is kept in check and doesn’t make me look like an idiot when I try to open doors with my elbows.

Yes, this New York City girl knows how to travel in style — it’s just that whole “not shoving so many things in my suitcase so I’m forced to sit on it to get it closed” thing that I’m still working on…

And check out the lineup for the festival here! 

FreeFest or bust!



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