Taking the Fright Out of Fit: Our Ultimate Fit Guide

26 Oct

One of the most intimidating dilemmas a girl faces in her young life is finding a perfect pair of jeans. There are endless styles, prints, colors and wash options to choose from. But finding the denim look of your dreams is only half the battle—the FIT aspect is enough to give some gals the heebie-jeebies. Just in time for Halloween, we’ve taken the fear out of finding the perfect fit. So before you break out into a cold sweat in a fitting room near you, just remember these helpful tips.


Before hitting the web or store for your ultimate denim duds, take the time to actually measure that derriere of yours. Yes, this may sound like a sound out of a  horror movie to some but it is actually the best way to determine your size.

Start with your Waist, using a measuring tape at the narrowest part of your torso. Then slide it down and evaluate your Low Hip, which is the fullest part of your hips. Lastly, determine your Thigh Size, by measuring the fullest part of your upper leg.


THE SKINNY: The name says it all. The Skinny is like wearing a second layer of skin, making it the sexiest and most coveted pair. They hug your legs and hips from top to bottom and have a shorter inseam for a clean look. Not only will they make your butt look next level, but they also come in an endless variety of prints and fabrics from leather-like to metallic to snakeskin.

THE ROXANNE: The Roxanne was 7FAM’s original skinny fit. They has a classic look and is slim through the hip and thigh but they’re nothing like a legging. They are casual enough to wear every day and comes in enough washes to keep you in in blues jeans all winter long.

THE SLIM ILLUSION: The jackpot jean! A revolutionary pair, these will make you feel a whole size smaller. Already sold? Wait, folks, there’s more! Tighter construction and intense stretch create a sexy, slim silhouette. This exclusive technology provides total shape recovery. No need for shape wear under these babies, the jeans do it for you!

So don’t fret, my pets! Just be sure to measure yourself properly and know what you’re looking for!

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