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30 Nov

‘Tis the season for all things sparkly and bright. And in keeping with the party-appropriate spirit, we enlisted the help of nail artist extraordinaire Taryn Multack, aka Miss Lady Finger, to impress and inspire you with these tiny ten-piece masterpieces inspired by our Holiday Collection.

We recently sat down with the artist to chat about her inspirations; creative process and tips for keeping those digits in tip top condition.



Taryn wears our our Skinny in Black Velvet with Gold Foil Brocade.

7 For All Mankind: What first inspired you to start creating nail art? Have you always been artistic?

Taryn: My first attempt at nail art was during NYFW in September of last year. I have always been a creative type. I majored in Fashion Design, so learning how to do fashion illustrations has definitely helped hone my skill for small details.


7 For All Mankind: These nail looks are tiny masterpieces! How long does it take you to create looks like these?

Taryn: I’m a huge perfectionist, so I take my time to get the designs just right! The brocade jean-inspired nail took about an hour and the silver tile jean-inspired nail took closer to 45 minutes.


7 For All Mankind: What sort of runway and high fashion designs inspire you most?

Taryn: I gravitate towards graphic prints and bright colors. It makes for the best nail art translation.


7 For All Mankind: We love the versatility of the holiday looks you created using our jeans, what do you love most about them?

Taryn: Honestly, I haven’t taken them off since I’ve gotten them! I love that they’re so versatile from day into night. It’s so easy to center an outfit around them since they make such a holiday statement with the shine.


7 For All Mankind: What are some of the perks of being a professional nail artist?

Taryn: I am really fortunate to be able to collaborate with not only beauty brands, but fashion brands too. Not to mention the endless nail polish! I get to sample new collections before they even hit the market.


7 For All Mankind: Any tricks of the trade on keeping your nails healthy and art-ready at all times?

Taryn: Take your vitamins, especially Omega-3s. Also, never don the naked nail. Always be sure there is at least 1-2 coats of base coats on it to keep your nail strong.


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PARTY PERFECT BEAUTY LOOKS: Trop Rouge “Golden Goddess”

30 Nov

We teamed up with Christina Cardona, the model/actress/blogger behind Trop Rouge, and Smashbox Cosmetics to bring you the most coveted looks of the season. Perfect for a holiday party or even a night out on the town, the looks that this It-Girl styled for 7 For All Mankind are the stuff of 90s-chic fairytales.

Christina is known for her whimsical and muted style. A true New Yorker, she is known to pair unexpected pieces and layer on usual jewelry. We love her style so much that we invited her to Smashbox Studios to style an exclusive holiday shoot.

She chose this pair of pearlized jeans to mix with a black, sheer blouse and a punch of faux fur. A few rings and a statement necklace later, the final result was the perfect mix of holiday and rocker.

The holiday season is the perfect time to experiment with eye catching, shimmery beauty trends and to truly capture the spirit of the season, Smashbox Global Pro Artist Lori Taylor wanted to play up the Tomboy-chic vibe that Christina channeled with a bronzy “Golden Goddess” beauty look.

Here’s how to get her look:


  1. Prep skin using Smashbox Photo Finish Lumizing Primer.
  2. Apply Photo Finish Lid Primer to your lids.
  3. Groom brows using Brow Tech to Go.
  4. Take care of problem spots with Smashbox’s handy High Definition Concealer.


  1. Using the Studio Pop Eye Shadow Palette, sweep the shade “Nude” all over the lid.
  2. Add “Nutmeg” to the crease of the lid for bronzy definition.
  3. Apply “Bark” along the upper and lower lash line with a smudging brush to make eyes pop.
  4. Line the inner rim of your eye with Smashbox Graphite Pencil.
  5. Finally, Lori suggests two coats of Full Exposure Mascara, followed by a false lash, then another coat of mascara to blend.


  1. Use Smashbox Blush Rush in “Gingersnap” and “Bare” to add warmth to the apples of your cheeks.
  2. Then a touch of Halo Bronzer all over the face and cheeks for some added color.


  1. Finish your look with High Shine Lip Gloss in “Candy” to copy Christina’s succulent lacquer look.

Click here to download & print Christina’s Golden Goddess face chart with on-the-go instructions! 

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Black Friday Survival Guide

21 Nov

I love Thanksgiving weekend for three reasons: it kicks off the holiday season, I get to each eat as many carbs as humanly possible and—best of all—shopping! For some of us, Black Friday is just another excuse to hit the stores and if you love a good deal (I know I do) then this is your day. But over the years, as the super stores open earlier and earlier and the evening news reports hoards of mall shoppers, Black Friday has acquired a bad wrap. So this year, be prepared! Beat the masses and score that winning sale.

1. Shop Sales Online First

More and more brands are making sales available both online and in-store. So before you cut dinner short to camp out in front of your favorite store, forget the door busters and just do some pre-emptive research. 7 For All Mankind, for example, is offering 30% off at stores and on all weekend long!

2. Hit The Stores

I love an online deal as much as the next shopper but let’s face it: this day is really about getting to the stores to reap the full benefits. We encourage anyone who lives near a 7 For All Mankind store to stop in. In addition to 30% off, we have personal shoppers and store-only perks that are worth the trip alone. In fact, the first 50 people in the store to download our new iTunes app and show it to a Sales Associate will get a free Cellairis iPhone cover featuring a 7 For All Mankind denim design this Friday!

3. Tag Team

Never go to the mall on Black Friday alone. First, strategize. Pick a friend who knows what she wants. You don’t want to be stuck with dead weight while your gal pal browses for hours. The idea is to get in, get what you’re looking for, tackle the line together and escape unscathed.

4. Suit Up

Like knights going to battle, Black Friday shoppers need to dress appropriately for their mission. Remember to layer, because outside it may be frightful but in the stores it will be boiling! Try this cardigan for the perfect outfit topper that can be thrown into a shopping bag when things start to get heated.

5. Charge Your Phone!

This one is very important. How will you tweet about and Instagram the mobs of people if your phone dies as soon as you door bust?! And remember to dress your iPhone in your fave Cellairis case!

In the world of fashion, shopping is an almost holy experience. So my advice is to tackle it seriously, but still remember to have fun! It is the holidays, after all!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at 7 For All Mankind! See you Friday!

For the Hostess That’s The Mostest (A Crash Course in Holiday Gift Giving)

19 Nov
Hello Lovelies!
Anne Parker is back again, having survived last week’s crazy storm and thisweek’s snowtopia in NYC.  (Thankfully, I made it out without a scratch but the contents of my fridge have not been so lucky.) And while rain, sleet and snow couldn’t stop me from busily planning out a whole slew of new holiday outfit options, it has derailed my darling assistant, leaving her stranded in Brooklyn with way too much time on her hands and crazy thoughts in her head.
“Dave just asked me to come home with him for Thanksgiving to meet his family,” she explained via an overly dramatic text. “Aren’t I supposed to bring a gift for his parents? You know, like a nice bottle of wine or something?”
“No, the wine is for you AFTER you meet them, you know, keep them on your good side,” I explained patiently. “The gift should be something thoughtful, but not TOO thoughtful otherwise it looks like you’re trying to suck up. (Was I the only one in the world who obsessed over The Family Stone every Christmas?) “Besides, everybody knows the outfit is more important —who wouldn’t fall in love with perfectly polished girl in gold pants and silk top!
Needless to say (because I had PLENTY to say to say on the topic), I had to fight the urge to draw up a power point presentation on her behalf. Instead, I decided to jump on the DD blog to share some of my valuable insights on the topic. With a list of ex-boyfriends that stretches all the way back to middle school, I’m a veteran when it comes tohostess gifting and thought this handy geographical breakdown that should make your holiday shopping way easier:
Midwest: Midwestern moms tend to bleed college colors, enjoy handmade gifts and baby their sons well into their 40s. Wheredoes that leave you? Faking enthusiasm over the Purdue vs. U of M football game and talking about the finer points of bubble painting  vs. bedazzling. To appeal to her nurturing nature you have to appeal to her crafty side: Monogram bar towels from Etsy should do the trick. And yes, it’s fine to hide the price tag when she compliments you on your amazing cross stitch skills.
East Coast:  VP by day, micromanager by night, this mom doesn’t have time to cook, let alone contemplate what she’smaking for the holidays. Appeal to her chic culinary expectations by havingFrench holiday macaroons delivered via NYC gourmet food market. Dean & Delucca. From Earl Grey to Fresh Mint and Praline, she’ll have little time to criticize your decision to “live in sin  with her son in the city” if her mouth is full.
South: Step away from that drugstore box of candy! Southern moms pride themselves on food, so a small token of your fashion appreciation is a much better option. A cute scarf like this one from Bloomies fits the bill and adds just enough sparkle to remind her of her debutante days (and hopefully make her forget that she always wanted her son to settle down with a girl from Ole’ Miss and not a Yankee with a degree from Boston College).
West Coast: She’s totally zen, practices yoga and never met a sweat hut she didn’t like. This granola mama is totally welcoming and ready to share her stash of tofu with you and the extended clan. Fortunately, there’s a pizza place around the corner and a candle that’s both elevated and aroma-yummy. Voluspa’s Lichen and Vevtiver Ceramic Candle is pretty, practical and probably will get you out of having to gather eggs from the grass-fed chickens she keeps to lower her carbon footprint.

Rebel Evolution: The Moto Jacket

2 Nov

MOTO JACKET in Liquid Metallic Copper

Once upon a time, back when leather was strictly a man’s game, the motorcycle jacket was a symbol of youthful rebellion and dangerous boys. James Dean and Marlon Brando were its patron saints, and good girls like Sandy from Grease only donned one when it came time to woo her greaser guy.

But oh how times have changed. Flash forward through the 80’s punk rock era (and iconic turns on the backs of style icons like Debbie Harry and Joan Jett) and we’ve come to a point where supermodels like Kate Moss sport them for Vogue spreads and fashion bloggers consider them positively de rigueur along with their stilettos and top knotsIn fact, the moto has become such a popular wardrobe staple, it only makes sense it would evolve itself, dropping its black sheen and heavy buckles for a more streamlined approach.

Enter our own moto jacket.
Metallic copper in color with exaggerated lapels, this ain’t your grandpa’s coat. In fact, it’s decidedly less moody and broody,  bringing with it a strong emphasis on sexy athleticism. Sure, you can still wear it while out raising some hell on your hog, but really, why mess up your hair? With motorcycle jackets becoming a part of the fashion mainstream, it’s just as easy to slip one on for a glam night out on the town OR a trip to the grocery store (because sometimes the produce department just needs a little edge…).