Rebel Evolution: The Moto Jacket

2 Nov

MOTO JACKET in Liquid Metallic Copper

Once upon a time, back when leather was strictly a man’s game, the motorcycle jacket was a symbol of youthful rebellion and dangerous boys. James Dean and Marlon Brando were its patron saints, and good girls like Sandy from Grease only donned one when it came time to woo her greaser guy.

But oh how times have changed. Flash forward through the 80’s punk rock era (and iconic turns on the backs of style icons like Debbie Harry and Joan Jett) and we’ve come to a point where supermodels like Kate Moss sport them for Vogue spreads and fashion bloggers consider them positively de rigueur along with their stilettos and top knotsIn fact, the moto has become such a popular wardrobe staple, it only makes sense it would evolve itself, dropping its black sheen and heavy buckles for a more streamlined approach.

Enter our own moto jacket.
Metallic copper in color with exaggerated lapels, this ain’t your grandpa’s coat. In fact, it’s decidedly less moody and broody,  bringing with it a strong emphasis on sexy athleticism. Sure, you can still wear it while out raising some hell on your hog, but really, why mess up your hair? With motorcycle jackets becoming a part of the fashion mainstream, it’s just as easy to slip one on for a glam night out on the town OR a trip to the grocery store (because sometimes the produce department just needs a little edge…).

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