Black Friday Survival Guide

21 Nov

I love Thanksgiving weekend for three reasons: it kicks off the holiday season, I get to each eat as many carbs as humanly possible and—best of all—shopping! For some of us, Black Friday is just another excuse to hit the stores and if you love a good deal (I know I do) then this is your day. But over the years, as the super stores open earlier and earlier and the evening news reports hoards of mall shoppers, Black Friday has acquired a bad wrap. So this year, be prepared! Beat the masses and score that winning sale.

1. Shop Sales Online First

More and more brands are making sales available both online and in-store. So before you cut dinner short to camp out in front of your favorite store, forget the door busters and just do some pre-emptive research. 7 For All Mankind, for example, is offering 30% off at stores and on all weekend long!

2. Hit The Stores

I love an online deal as much as the next shopper but let’s face it: this day is really about getting to the stores to reap the full benefits. We encourage anyone who lives near a 7 For All Mankind store to stop in. In addition to 30% off, we have personal shoppers and store-only perks that are worth the trip alone. In fact, the first 50 people in the store to download our new iTunes app and show it to a Sales Associate will get a free Cellairis iPhone cover featuring a 7 For All Mankind denim design this Friday!

3. Tag Team

Never go to the mall on Black Friday alone. First, strategize. Pick a friend who knows what she wants. You don’t want to be stuck with dead weight while your gal pal browses for hours. The idea is to get in, get what you’re looking for, tackle the line together and escape unscathed.

4. Suit Up

Like knights going to battle, Black Friday shoppers need to dress appropriately for their mission. Remember to layer, because outside it may be frightful but in the stores it will be boiling! Try this cardigan for the perfect outfit topper that can be thrown into a shopping bag when things start to get heated.

5. Charge Your Phone!

This one is very important. How will you tweet about and Instagram the mobs of people if your phone dies as soon as you door bust?! And remember to dress your iPhone in your fave Cellairis case!

In the world of fashion, shopping is an almost holy experience. So my advice is to tackle it seriously, but still remember to have fun! It is the holidays, after all!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at 7 For All Mankind! See you Friday!

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