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James Franco’s “A Beautiful Odyssey”

27 Feb


For Spring, the 7 For All Mankind interactive brand campaign, titled “A Beautiful Odyssey” was inspired by the poetry of William Blake and imagined and directed by James Franco, yet will ultimately be told by you. We invite you to decide how this romantic tale unfolds by visiting our Facebook page and casting your vote.

Beginning March 7th, we will be releasing videos with corresponding poll questions so YOU can VOTE on the character’s ultimate fate.   You will actually have the opportunity to impact how this story unfolds!  Cast your vote and you will be able to say that you played a part in how James Franco edited the “Audience Cut” version of “A Beautiful Odyssey.”

At the end of the campaign, we invite you to tune into the online film premiere where you can watch both the Audience Cut and Director’s Cut of “A Beautiful Odyssey.”

We are also holding a Pin-To-Win contest on our Pinterest page where the lucky winner and their guest will be flown to LA to attend our VIP campaign film premiere.
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Also, stay tuned for more information about our Pinterest contest, coming in March.

Watch the official trailer for James Franco’s “A Beautiful Odyssey” here and shop the entire Campaign Collection here.



A Piece of Toast Shares Her 2013 Vision: Be Fit!

14 Feb





Molly Bernadette, the writer behind A Piece Of Toast, is best known for her charming blog and coveted Pinterest boards and as part of our ongoing New Year, New Vision program, she’s sharing three of her goals for 2013 with us.

“I determined that after nearly a year without any kind of workout routine, that the new year was as good a time as any to get back into fitness and feeling good.” Fast forward to February and Molly has stayed true to her word. She is lucky enough to have a gym in her office and can sneak away to do yoga during her lunch hour.

“I know, I know,” she says, “how can I even complain when I have the luxury of yoga during my work day.” But sometimes it’s not the convenience that keeps us from hitting the gym. In her case, it still takes a certain level of willpower to change out of work clothes, like her Slim Cigarette in Cloud Blue Destroyed jeans from 7 For All Mankind, work up a sweat and then get back in her skinnies.


Speaking of work clothes, we love her ready-for-yoga look—the black flats keep things casual while the gold details on her sweater still keep her looking buttoned-up enough for meetings—before or after her afternoon sweat-sesh.  The dark grey of her sweater pairs perfectly with the light blue denim and these pants will work well far into spring.


Besides keeping things casual with her outfit, she’s also been staying motivated with help from her co-worker Kim, who has become her gym partner. “She helps me stay excited about going to classes,” she says of her yoga pal. Molly also packs her gym bag the night before and marks her planner with the days she vows to go. “I feel so good looking back and seeing how productive I’ve been,” she adds.



After 5 weeks of continuous yoga, she swears she won’t quit this year. “It’s crazy how much better I feel and how much more energy I have now that being active is a designated part of at least four of my workdays.” We agree! Working out and being healthy is as addictive as the most common vices can be –once you get on a roll, it’s easier to stay on track for a long period of time.

So this year, stay focused! Take a cue from Molly and try to make a plan of action for your new lifestyle. Whatever your vision may be, it starts with just a few minor changes that might just turn into a new healthy habit.

For more of New Year, New Vision, keep checking back on our blog for more inspiration and suggestions. And if you want to kick your plan into turbo drive, remember to enter to win $500 to help fulfill your 2013 goals here.

And feel free to tweet us with the hashtag #7FAMVisions to tell us all about your dreams for the new year. You might just win a free pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans!


Vision: Travel More!

7 Feb

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.18.45 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 1.18.55 PM

Christine Cameron of My Style Pill (seen here in 7 For All Mankind Skinnies in High Gloss Snake) is no stranger to jet setting all over the world. This blogger babe just returned to her native New York from Copenhagen Fashion Week and in continuation of our New Year, New Vision program, she dished on why “traveling more” is one of her resolutions for 2013.

“Bedsides going to shows, I also went on a canal ride, visited the Royal Palace and I had a tour of Georg Jensen’s studio headquarters. I spent time with friends eating traditional food, drinking wine and wandering around getting lost. It was wonderful,” she says of her trip. Not bad, huh?

She made sure to pack her 7 For All Mankind Skinnies in High Gloss Snake and leather Givenchy bag for the perfect day-to-night travel look. With the Copenhagen temperatures plummeting, she layered on a two-tone jacket and faux-fur vest topped with an ultra-thick knit scarf.

Her recent Danish exploits are a reminder of why traveling is so important to making us more informed in our jobs, hobbies and beyond. Like the saying goes, ‘travel is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer.’ When we step out of our comfort zone, we find out new and exciting things about ourselves—about our resilience, drive and thirst for wisdom. Experiencing a new place or culture is the perfect catalyst for discovering yourself in a way that you may not have found otherwise.

More than seeing sights and taking in some great shopping, Christine’s vision shows why travel is truly important in becoming a more well-rounded person. “I know that to keep my drive, passion and ambitions strong, I need to keep exploring and seeing what’s out there. Getting out of town reminds me that there is a whole big world outside of this little bubble/island we call Manhattan.”

Amen! See you on the other side of the world!


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