Design Team Takeover: Istanbul

31 May

The journey from raw denim to a pair of completed premium jeans can be long and varied. At 7 For All Mankind, jeans are washed, distressed and embellished by hand and there is a story behind every single pair. The process behind them tells the story of the thought and creativity infused into everything we create.

For inspiration for our next collection, our design team is touring Europe to find inspiration in the most unlikely places. First stop? Istanbul, Turkey, for a glimpse into this vibrant city’s culture, architecture and fashion–all of which might someday be the source of a pattern or details on a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans. Here are a few of the highlights from their trip. So the next time you slip into your skinnies, remember that their design was a result of the passion of our incredible designers!

%22And the adventure begins%22

Up, up and away…


Feeling mega inspired.

%22Magical Lights%22

These magical lights are so detailed.

%22Mosaic pearl%22 taken at Sofia Istanbul

Mosaic pearl taken at Sofia Istanbul.

%22This is just the beginning%22 #cottonbecomingindigo OR %22Before it becomes blue, it is green.  Yarn dying  denim%22

Just the beginning of a pair of jeans…Before it becomes blue, it is green. This is the yarn dying process.

%22Turkish Delight%22

A little Turkish Delight!

%22Waterfront View%22

Breathtaking view was the perfect way to end this leg of the trip.

Next stop: Paris! Stay tuned next week for our recap of The City Of Lights. And don’t forget to shop our current collection here.

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