Anatomy of a Jean: Luxe Performance

1 Aug

Wonder what went into creating a jean with the perfect fit and ultimate durability? Our designers (aka our denim engineers) spent years researching what you want in a jean, and then years developing a pair to meet these requirements: an enduring fit and luxe feel. Essentially, a jean that could handle your busy lifestyle while making it all the more stylish. Enter: Luxe Performance

So, here is how we made our best engineered jean yet, proving that performance and perfection go hand in hand:

Let’s get even deeper into the anatomy of these jeans:


Engineering: this isn’t your ordinary denim. New advanced technology warps the cotton with high-stretch fibers, and then weaves them all together on a patented machine unique to this fabric.


Recovery: Luxe performance denim has less than 1% growth and over 95% recovery, no matter how long or frequently the jeans are worn.


Performance: From day to night or through an international flight, each pair of jeans performs optimally, retaining the exact same shape and feel it started with.


Comfort: The inside of the jeans has a cashmere-like feel achieved through an exclusive brushing process that combs the inside of the denim to make it feel as soft and luxe as possible.


Craftsmanship: it takes 25% longer to create a pair of Luxe Performance jeans due to detailed process of brushing the denim until it’s incredibly soft.


Luxury: Never before has denim delivered this level of quality and comfort. The luxurious texture and unparalleled softness make these the next level in denim innovation.

Get your hands on this next level denim here and experience the innovation of Luxe Performance for yourself!

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