Nails of the Season

26 Sep


Nail art is here to stay and this season, it’s taking a very stylish turn with of-the-moment prints and patterns. But containing the season’s biggest trends down to the size of a fingernail takes a very creative eye and a whole lot of skill.

Leave it to Taryn Multack, producer and nail artist of the popular blog, Miss Lady Finger to translate these trends into very cool nail art that punctuates your fall ensemble while pushing traditional beauty boundaries.

Here, she takes the statement-making fall trends of Plaid and Big Cat to create impressive little pieces of art onto a fingernail.


Inspired by: The Skinny in Ruby Red Plaid

Thoughts from Miss Lady Finger: “Plaid is an iconic print that everyone can relate to.

Plus a matte topcoat effect puts a modern spin on it and takes it to a new level. “

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with a full red nail


2. Create two vertical lines of diagonal ticks using your black nail art pen


3. Create four horizontal black lines of diagonal ticks keeping the two top lines together and the two bottom lines together


4. Blacken the corners where the lines intersect


5. Top it off with matte top coat for an edgy effect

++_MG_7390 2

Big Cat

Inspiration: The Skinny in Snow Leopard

Thoughts from Miss Lady Finger: “Don’t over think this design.

Just try to visualize the space you’re working in and control your lines.”

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Start with a full white nail


2. Using a nail art pen, create organic shapes and ticks along the left side of the nail leaving ample space between them


3. Make the shapes and ticks denser as you move outward across the nail


4. Fill in white spaces on the right side of the nail to make it the densest part of the animal print


5. Top it off with top coat

*All images courtesy of Taryn Multack*

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