EYE ON DESIGN: Jennifer Garcia

4 Oct

For our women’s denim designer, Jennifer Garcia, treasure hunting for sartorial gems and rich design ideas is second nature.  She continues to break artistic boundaries by soaking up inspiration through her global search for vintage goods and has amassed an enviable collection of high-end handbags, silk blouses, luggage, 90s fashion magazines and iconic punk records.

Here, Jennifer shares her latest creative stimulation in her own words:


This is a selfie of me and my daughter at the Helmut Newton photo exhibit in L.A. She’s a photo major at college in New York City and we share a strong love of music and fashion. When I design, I definitely try and think of what she and her friends might want to wear.


I still have all of my magazines from the early 90s. They’re organized by magazine title and date, and I hate it when they get creased. I reference them like a library. My goal is to someday have a fashion magazine library in my house.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.16.36 PM

Kate Moss is my ultimate, absolute favorite model. In my extensive magazine archive, I have Kate Moss magazines that I keep categorized in their own separate area. She always exhibits the amazing possibilities of fashion.


I am a huge collector of the things that inspire me. I particularly love collecting vintage clothing and objects. My grandmother was an antique dealer, so I became very familiar with beautiful vintage and antique objects at a very young age.


I am really inspired by the style of musicians like Debbie Harry, The Clash and David Bowie. I love looking at old books with pictures of what these icons wore back in the 70s, and I have about 30 books on Punk Rock that I reference all of the time.

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