Trend Essential: Velvet Crush

20 Dec

There’s something about the holiday season that makes us want to dig into our stockpile of sweaters, shimmy into that sequin skirt tucked way back in the closet and pile on maybe one too many necklaces for an extra hint of sparkle. It’s the season to surround yourself with ev­erything and everyone you love. The things you covet and the people you adore so much it’s like a constant crush.


So, wrap yourself up in luxe velvet pants, because it’s the time of the year for giving, receiving and wearing those pieces that make you feel cozy, special and stylish. Velvet is regal, rocker and totally crushable: it’s having a major moment this fall and is sure to bring out the inner grunge-glam goddess in you. The holidays are a perfect time to slip into a pair of velvet pants, add richness and sophistication to any look.


Our denim designer, Jennifer Garcia says it perfectly: “ The possibilities of velvet are endless. It can be soft and romantic or have a cool, downtown vibe. These pants show how versatile, chic and flattering velvet can be.”

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