Dreaming of Design: Aimee Song’s Catalina Architectural Exploration

13 Mar

photo 2-3

Aimee Song might be known for her enviable and easy going style, but architecture and design are her other loves and areas of expertise.

The blogger studied interior design before starting her popular online destination and is crafty and creative at designing cool and functional spaces for her clients.

During her dream road trip to Catalina Island, she took in the sights around the small, Southern California sea town, including the Victorian-inspired architecture, Spanish influence, quaint restaurants and wild and rocky terrain of the area.

Between the vivid blue ocean and sky, plus the adorable and eclectic town of Catalina, its no surprise Aimee was super inspired creatively in her design work and style.


She brought out her crisp, Island-appropriate  Mid Rise Ankle Skinny With Faux Leather Trim in White and mixed it with summery espadrilles and oversized sunglasses for a comfortable yet chic look.

While Aimee’s look is thoroughly modern, her stay at the Hotel St. Lauren gave her a glimpse into the island’s storied past.

“The hotel was cute from the outside but the interior was quite dated.” She says. “It’s cool if you like an all pink decor that kind of looks like it would belong to your great grandmother.”


The dated design may not have been up this interiors expert’s alley, but she did gather a lot of great ideas even during her short stay.

“Staying on a small island means the rooms are smaller too, which results in smart planning when designing a space.” Says Aimee “I’m inspired to design a space to be really efficient when the size is limited, so that my clients are able to enjoy the space and always feel like they’re on vacation!”

Aimee nailed the dream vacation look as well as the design. She even has bigger plans to build someone’s dream house someday.

“I saw a lot of construction going on in Catalina Island,” she says. “It would be amazing if I could design a beautiful vacation home for someone!”

We have no doubt someone out there would find that amazing as well.

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