Into the Blue: Andrew Arthur Captures California’s Quintessential Coastal Style

24 Mar


If you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, photographer Andrew Arthur’s images from his dream road trip up Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast might be just the thing to get you out of your seat and into a car to discover the peaceful, natural and romantic California coast in the way Andrew was able to capture it.

His images straddle introspective solitude and a ready-for-anything attitude that is so necessary for a great adventure. From a cliff’s edge to a quiet moment on the beach, Andrew discovered what is timeless and unique about the area stretching through idyllic Malibu.


He clearly soaked up the stunning nature surrounding him as well as made a point to stop at some famous landmarks along the way.

“Neptune’s Net is THE biker pit stop if you’re cruising up the coast on Highway 1.” Says Andrew about the famed restaurant and bar. “Good eats, great view, you can’t pass it up.”


He even escaped to “Italy” on his trip, when visiting the historic Getty Villa.

“One day I will visit Naples but until then this will do just fine.” Remarks Andrew about the impressive grounds of The Getty Villa.


From the beach to a must-see biker bar, Andrew’s images were heightened by a coastal-chic wardrobe that included a super versatile heather grey stripe sweatshirt which he could easily pair back with his Luxe Performance Slimmy jeans in the Angeleno Hills wash and for chillier days or nights, throw on his grey Trucker jacket or white denim jacket as a stylish and effective layer.

“This jacket is perfect for early morning grey weather.” Says Andrew about his trusty Trucker jacket. “It’s super thin and comfortable.”


But the best item Andrew packed was his Canon 5D Mark III camera, on which he was able to get such pristine images of where the ocean waves meet the sand and where the jagged cliffs meet the sky, with such amazing detail.

He also relied on good old Polaroid film to get some sentimental snap shots.

“Lately I’ve been really into shooting Polaroids with my Fujifilm Intax 210.” Says Andrew “I like the idea of having an instant “memory” right in front of you.”


Between stunning dawn to dusk photos and inspiring landscape images, we have no doubt Andrew was able to make a lot of memories as well as beautifully capture the California coast most people dream about.


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