The 7 Most Surprising Things About Coachella

10 Apr


When people in L.A mention “Music Festival Season” we suspect that they’re really referring to The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival aka “Coachella”.

Not only is it one of the biggest and most well attended music festivals in the world (hello, with past acts like Radiohead, Coldplay, Kanye West and a hologram Tupac in the mix, how could it not be?) it’s staged in the hot desert sun, which is the most perfect setting for skin baring and denim centric ensembles that people love to flaunt all weekend long.

But while you might be familiar with the bands and the fashion, trust us – you don’t have this massive festival totally figured out.

Here are the 7 most surprising things to know about Coachella and perfect trivia to drop on your friends while waiting in line for the port-a-potty:

1. It’s been sold out since 2004 – The first year Coachella sold out was 2004 and Radiohead was the headlining act. Today, tickets sell out within hours of going on sale.

2. Coachella started in 1999 – Beck and Rage Against the Machine were the headliners and the band, A Perfect Circle, was the first band ever to perform at the festival.

3. No Show in the year 2000 – Due to alleged financial woes, Coachella went on hiatus in the year 2000. It was back the next year with some modifications such as: holding it as a single day event in April in order to avoid soaring desert temps.

4. Go Green: In 2007, Coachella worked with Global Inheritance to promote a 10 for 1 recycling program, rewarding anyone who collected 10 empty water bottles, with 1 free full bottle.

5. Denim Daze – While the blazing desert sun is a scorcher during the day, the polo fields get really chilly as soon as night falls. Bringing your trusty 7 For All Mankind jean jacket and favorite worn in cut offs are a no fail festival ensemble that will keep you comfortable and chic.

6. Big Bucks – Something’s clearly working with Coachella founder Paul Tollett’s grand plan, because, Coachella is the most profitable music festival in the US today.

7. Luxe Amenities: In 2012 the festival camp grounds began featuring recycling, showers, a general store, phone charging stations and an Internet cafe with free WiFi.

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