24/7 Beauty: Safe Sun Worshiping Made Chic

25 Jun
Whether you’re a year round sun worshiper or only expose yourself to rays during the summer, it’s super important to protect your skin and hair in order to avoid later damage. 

Skin that is overexposed to the sun can result in a myriad of problems, skin cancer, severe sunburn and hyper pigmentation, just to name a few. Slather on an SPF of 25 or higher even if you’re not planning to baste on a sun chair all day.
Reapply every few hours, especially if taking a dip in the pool or ocean, in order to ensure the formula is still effective.
Hair can also get fried from the sun and since you can’t feel that as dramatically as you can your skin, it’s best to keep it protected. A hat or scarf is the most promising protection against UV rays that can harm your strands.
If you find yourself soaking in a chlorine filled pool most of the season, use a clarifying shampoo that can eliminate chlorine, copper and other damaging elements that dry out tresses and fade color. For after sun care, try a cooling yogurt lotion and hydrating face spray in order to keep skin moisturized.
CaudalieBeauty Elixir_HiRes
While protective beauty products can work wonders, a large floppy hat or scarf are really your best bet.
Pair a vintage scarf or white fedora with a black band trim, with worked in denim cut offs and a classic white button down for a no fail chic summer beach look that’s as timeless as it is practical.

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