Secret Summer Spots: Insanely Good Ice Cream Shops.

17 Jul


Not to brag, but one of the beautiful things about being in Southern California is that it’s pretty much ice cream weather all the time.

But as the summer really sizzles, a scoop or three of artisnal ice cream from a few amazing local shops is as essential to the season as denim cut offs and a dance-able play list.

Since we’re experts in all three of the aforementioned areas, allow us to share a well-curated list of must-visit ice cream spots around town.


Three Twins Ice Cream 2726 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405 – This newly opened ice cream outlet has a vast array of organic options.

The flavors are sophisticated, but still make us feel like kids with, well, ice cream cones. Don’t miss the salted caramel, lemon cookie and mint chip.coolhauskeylime

CoolHaus 8588 Washington Blvd, Culver City CA 90232 – Inspired by famous architects, CoolHaus uses catchy names like IM Pei-Nut Butter and Renzo Apple Ie-Ano, as an homage to the visionaries behind their favorite architecture.coolhausblueberry

Don’t miss the brown candied bacon, gin & tonic or any of their amazing homemade cookies.

CoolHaus also has food trucks serving their ice cream in New York, Austin and Dallas.


Sweet Rose Creamery – Three locations in L.A.

Simple never tasted so sweet. The ice cream here is so fresh, natural and well made that every flavor is a revelation.sundae-sweet2

Don’t miss the salted caramel, rose geranium or crème fraiche with elderberry and pink peppercorn swirl. ICECREAM

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