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25 Mar

New to the Virtual Reality content experience and having some troubles with the Visions of California App? Check out the Q&A guide below for help.

  • HOW DO I WATCH THIS IF I DON’T HAVE VIRTUAL REALITY VIEWERS?  If you do not have a VR viewer, you can still watch the video in 2D and still explore 360-degrees around you. Once you have downloaded and opened the App and gone through the prompts, use the “pinch” gesture on your screen and the two images will collapse into one. You can then move your phone around to explore the 360-degree video.
  • I’VE DOWNLOADED THE VIDEO BUT I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO WATCH IN VIRTUAL REALITY? As outlined above, you must have Virtual Reality (VR) Cardboard Viewers to actually watch the content in Virtual Reality.  If you would like to purchase a VR Cardboard Viewers, you can order one here.
  •  HOW DO I FIND THIS CONTENT IN MY APP STORE?  To download the content directly from your APP store, simply search: Jaunt TV or Visions of California.
  • WHY CAN’T I DOWNLOAD THIS FROM AN IOS DEVICE OR FIND IT IN ITUNES?  We are still in the process of getting our iOS APP complete.  If you would like to be notified when the iOS APP is available in iTunes, please email us at:
  • WHY CAN’T I DOWNLOAD THE APP OR WATCH THE CONTENT FROM MY DESKTOP OR TABLET?  The Visions of California Virtual Reality film is available only available on Mobile devices.  You can watch the Visions of California 2D film on Desktop and Tablet.  ANDROID USERS:  Even though you can’t download the APP onto your Desktop or Tablet, go here from your your Desktop or Tablet and click the ‘Install’ button and the App will download directly to your phone.
  • I’M HAVING TROUBLE BUILDING MY DODOCASE POP-UP VIEWER .  How to construct your pop-up cardboard:
  1. Tear off packaging
  2. Pop up viewer to form rectangle
  3. Swing down black lens piece into tabs
  4. Swing down white nose piece and pinch into tabs
  5. Open app and follow on-screen prompts
  6. Insert phone into cardboard, look all around, and enjoy!

Need more help? Here’s a quick video that should help!

  • WHERE CAN I BUY A POP-UP VIEWER?  If you do not have a cardboard viewer, you can order one here or watch the video in 2D.
  • I DOWNLOADED THE APP BUT I’M HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE CONTENT TO PLAY?  If you are using the App with Cardboard viewers, you’ll notice that the App is sensitive!  Here is a step-by-step guide just in case you need it.
  1. You can watch the film with headphones or through your phones speakers.  We suggest putting your headphones and testing the volume before opening the App.
  2. Once you open the App, it will automatically load guidance instructions with a series of screens.
  3. Once guided instructions completed, the screen will hold on a small rectangle Jaunt TV icon.
  4. Tap the screen once to start playing the film.
  5. Quickly and carefully, place your phone inside cardboard viewer.
  6. Be sure to look all around you & enjoy!
  • NEED HELP WITH SOMETHING ELSE.  If you have any questions or problems, email for assistance.