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What’s Your Flare Personality?

16 Sep

Shop our line of flares here!

Join Us For A Denim Fit Forum!

7 Sep

Ever wonder which silhouette would be best for your body?  How to find your size?  Or how to style the latest denim trends?  Come join us for a DENIM FIT FORUM!  Visit our Facebook fan page wall every Thursday in September from 1PM – 3PM EST starting Thursday September 8th for a one-on-one fit discussion with our Denim Designer, Jen Garcia.  We’ll post a status update at noon EST and you’ll submit questions for Jen by commenting on the status. She can help you find the denim that’s right for you body, explain new fits, and give styling advice.  See you there!

Hot Weather Must-Haves

4 May

Today on YouTube, we posted a summer trend video that we recently shot with LA fashion stylist Zoe Glassner.  For the video, we enlisted Zoe to pick her favorite 7 hot weather must-have items from our summer collection.  In 2 1/2 minutes, she gives you the inside scoop on how to style the 7 key items in a way that will keep you looking chic in the heat!  What’s more, she puts each item in the context of how and where to wear them this summer.

For the rest of the week we’ll be posting trivia questions about the video on Twitter and Facebook.  Fans who answer the trivia correctly have the opportunity to win everything from OPI nail polish, brand books, discount cards, and even items from the video!

And don’t forget, anyone who goes online and purchases one of the items featured in the video will receive a complimentary bottle of OPI’s nail polish in one of their hot summer shades.  Click here to shop the items in the video.

Good luck to everyone taking part in the trivia…make sure to study the video!

How To Care For Your Denim

3 Feb

I know everyone is simply dying to do laundry this evening, so I’ve compiled a list of denim care tips to maximize the shelf life of your favorite jeans.

  • Step Away From The Dryer – Keep your jeans looking as fresh as the day you first purchased them by air drying them – tossing them in the dryer is where most fading and shrinkage occurs.
  • Soften Up – That being said, air drying tends to make jeans a little stiff.  Avoid this by throwing in fabric softener when washing them.
  • Flip It And Reverse It – Wash jeans inside-out; this is particularly crucial to maintain the richness of dark washes.
  • Flying Solo – Brand new dark jeans should be washed by their lonesome to avoid dye transferring onto the rest of your prized garments.
  • Brrr It’s Cold In Here – Always wash your denim in cold water to avoid shrinkage; no one wants to get caught in jeans that are too snug.
  • Preserve Precious Details – Keep jeans with trendy embellishments, rips, and tears looking brand spanking new by washing in a mesh bag on delicate cycle.
  • Use Special Detergent – Give your denim the VIP treatment by investing in a detergent that’s specifically designed to keep jeans super soft and washes from fading.  Personally I love the Denim Wash from The Laundress, which can be purchased at any one of our U.S. retail stores or here.

Your jeans treat you right, so you should treat them right!