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Behind The Scenes of Our GQ Video Shoot

21 Nov

This holiday season we teamed up with GQ’s Executive Merchandising Stylist, Brett Fahlgren to bring you his expert style advice on three of our must-have holiday gift ideas, and we have the behind the scenes pictures to prove it!

Our Handsome Model Ryan

Brett's Getting Ready For His Close-Up

The Looks

Sounds Check

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

Putting On The Final Touches

Brett Had The Model Wear His Watch For The Shoot

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What to Wear: Denim Styling Tips For Winter

11 Jan

Need a wardrobe refresher for the cooler winter months?  Here’s a list of my top tips for wearing denim when the weather turns chilly.

1)      Skinny Jeans – Boots are the preferred footwear when it’s cold out.  So what jean goes hand in hand with them?  Skinny jeans of course!  Show off your fab footwear (and the eliminate elephant knee bunched look) by pulling on a pair of skinny jeans.  I promise that tucking your jeans into any boot will now happen with the greatest of ease.  For women, I suggest a Gwenevere or Roxanne fit which you can buy here.

Gwenevere Gummy Denim in Indigo and Roxanne Skinny in Soleda

2)      Darker Washes – Leave the sun-bleached denim in your closet and grab a pair of jeans with a deeper, darker, and richer wash.  There are several washes that have grey tints, inky indigo washes, or black threads woven into the fabric to add great depth and variation to blue washes.  Our Rinse wash for women and Vintage Loring wash for men are particularly great winter washes.

Roxanne Skinny in Rinse and Austyn Relaxed Straight Leg in Vintage Loring

 3)      Updated Slimmer Fits – Colder weather calls for heavy sweaters and bulky jackets.  Puffy jackets may keep you warm, but avoid the marshmallow look by balancing thick layers on top with slimmer silhouettes on bottom.  Try our new Skinny Bootcut for women, and guys the Nate fit is best for you.  Both styles fit slimmer through the hip and thighs and open up just below the knee.

The Skinny Bootcut in Dark Rich Sateen and Nate Slim Bootcut in Night Cat

4)      Heavier Fabric – Last but not least, try selecting denim that has a heavier weight (typically considered in the 11-13 oz. range).  The weight of a fabric is determined by how much one yard of fabric weighs.  So a yard of 11 oz. denim weighs 11 oz.  Now who ever said you couldn’t learn anything from reading blogs?  Two great washes done in heavier weight are our Blakkstar wash for men (weighing in at 13 oz.) and our Winter Grey wash for women (weighing in at 11.5 oz).

Standard Classic Straight Leg in Blakkstar and Classic Straight Leg in Winter Grey