Interview with Christina Caradona a.k.a. Trop Rouge (New York)

27 Jun

Christina Caradona is the voice and beauty behind the blog Trop Rouge. Based in New York, but brought up in Biarritz, this former model has all the easy, coastal chic found in the south of France, mixed with the worldly sophistication gained from living in the middle of Manhattan.

How would you describe your style?

I would say it’s pretty alternative I love playing around with different eras and themes. It changes constantly, but always has my signature touch, which would be Mod inspired pieces as well as edgier pieces like leather. I love mixing rocker chic with 60s mod. They’re two very different eras, but I think it works for me.

Before blogging became a full time gig for you, you modeled. How would you say being a model influenced or affected your style?

Modeling gave me the chance to explore different brands and learn from stylists. I never tell anyone I am working with that I don’t want to wear something, because I might be able to learn something or use one of their tips and tricks.

You travel back to France quite often. Would you say there is a European sensibility to your style?

Yes, I love European style. I think European style comes from somewhere different than American, it’s just a lot more effortless. In Biarritz where I am from, the boys dress, like greasers with rolled up blue jeans and cigarettes in their shirts. The girls wear espadrille and Capri pants. It’s not about what’s trending, they have a timeless style you associate with that part of the world.  I love the tradition to the clothes.

Their style is authentic. I try and keep it real and authentic by having classic, timeless pieces that I can always go back to.

You now live in New York City. Would you say that living there has changed your style at all?

NY definitely influences my style. I do a lot more vintage shopping and have started wearing a lot more black, which I feel is so NY. NY is an electric city, so I find that my style is less laid back and less beachwear than it used to be. It’s gotten more polished.

Do you have any style icons? If so, who are they?

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, of course. I Love the way the Olsen twins are grungy but high end. Lenny Kravitz’ style is great. I like his vibe he always looks so carefree. Also, Charlotte Gainsbourg, she is so tomboyish but polished at the same time.

What is the last thing you bought?

I just bought these Doc Martens my roommate had and that I had been lusting after for a while. They’re lace up oxfords. I also just bought two dresses in France. They’re actually piece of lingerie, but I wear as them as dresses. When I wear them I kind of look like I was working on a field especially when I wear them with my mom’s old lace up brown boots from the 80s. I throw my vintage suede jacket on over the dress and then I’m ready to go.

You say you love thrifting in New York, what are some of your favorite spots to scour and shop?

Housing Works at 90th at 2nd

There is also this amazing place near where my parents live in Long Island. It’s a historical site and every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm they sell antiques and old clothing. I used to make the owners cookies and bring them over and shop. I think they might have closed down though, which is really sad.

Also, there is this amazing little place near Bank Street where I’ve found some really great designer gems. I can’t seem to find it again and I’m starting to think it was a dream.

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